‘t i m e t o…’ the message you get every single day, and which tells you about your vibes. Just go and ask your plant(s)!


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The 13th heart of Mr. Green H.

few months ago (in September, last year) I sadly observed that Mr. Green Hearty has going though something unusual, transforming day by day paler and paler.

I got scared.
While He is not so fragile soul, I could do something in a very wrong way with him. Definitely! Over-water, over-sunbathing, over-love.

I’ve never felt more right to say that ‘too much love will kill you’ …

Mr Green is my wax plant (hoya kerrii), the only plant who has ever flourished in this apartment, the only plant who was (is?) completely tuned on my vibes, giving me such delicate signs as like the same colored flowers blooming as my recent work (see the article Same color, same vibes) … like an emoticon ring.

suddenly little blush pink porcelain flower-buds appeared between leaves

I have to save Him somehow.

Since I’m not an expert, I tried to find some wiser botanists and read all their hints. Maybe there is some tricky intervention that can save my plant.

Finally I found a girl on Instagram: #rootedingreenlove (Caution! Amazing site full of love 🙂

… and by whom I landed to her favorited and recommended site: @pistilsnursery  (very inspirational and informative site, as much for beginner plantlovers, as for advanced ones :))

I tooked every possible ambulance methods I read, but Mr Green seemed to be still dying.The main and the first two leaves turned in yellow and after few days dropped down … 😦

Carefully raised the whole plant to see if there some reddish discoloration on its roots. But I didn’t see anything just roots.
I didn’t dare to water, while I was afraid He is thirsty. Such a contradicted feeling!

Then suddenly I could not bear His pain anymore, and I cut off His 13th leaf with the associated section, …
I haven’t read about this method anywhere, but I felt I had to do it.

I put it in a blue transparent glass, in a clean boiled and cooled water … and I was waiting for what was happening …

Once the little branch was swollen and after a few days a small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag.

I was amazingly happy!

small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag. 🙂

I’d got courage of this and I cutted off another leaf-stem from the top of Mr. Green branch. The 12th.

Mr Green wasn’t in good mood, so and I wrapped some of His remaining leaves with few cotton cosmetic pads and sprinkling them sometimes.

Valentine’s Day

Mr. Green didn’t loose more leaves, but apparently dying. I decided to cut the 11th leave, putting it in a glass, and left the rest 5 remaining leaves on His body-stalk.

p.s. I love you.

I don’t know what will happen with Mr.Green … but now I am happy with this saved 13th leaf.

‘helo, lovely’

here’s how it all affected me while I was drawing THIS:

Raise Your Positive Vibrations and Bring Positive Changes

January. Girls are searching for cardigans, blush colors and sweet lacey lingerie


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sweet shopping and the reasons

After a researcher calculations the most depressive day of the year is the Monday of the last (whole) week of the January. At that time we’ve already caught up with the celebration, we didn’t get slim because it turns out that our New Year’s vows do not work, and we have a whole long year full of tasks … Uh!

I don’t have to lose weight (moreover!), but as all humans in this world, I also have some stalled things waiting to be solved.

I have my special methods for these times. Any time I met with matted things and I need extra energies for thinking, I start to clean the space around me, rearranging the objects, packing , washing, clean up, repair something. It easy, isn’t is?

January cleaning can have a good effect throughout the year

‘Wash out your laundry and your thoughts will be grateful for this.’

It is a good idea to pay attention to this eternal advice as well in January. And what else could a woman do with more enjoyment than re-arranging (loading) her wardrobe?

Thinking of the statistics of the researchers, I think we (the womens) don’t have to own special formulas to calculate the behavior of others.

My statistic in not relevant, but in January girls are searching for cardigans, blush colors and sexy elastic lingeries.

Why the womens search for these? (after my opinion 🙂

Because Valentines day is around. (This pretty black lingerie, for example, was found by a sweet girl who was looking for a lingerie for her engagement photo-shoot.)

Cardigans are eternal basic for all the year.

the earth colors suggests the sense of security

Blush colors are for brigthen up the gloomy days.

a little sparkle always tosses the day

I don’t like to do too much chaos, but since I like to find the right place for things, sometimes there are a couple of boxes in a corner of the room (ok, in the middle 🙂 for months.

Recently I am interested in win-win situation. I’m trying to find out how everyone can win in each deal. I’m practicing this on the sale of my clothes.

I started to sort them out and realized that I hardly have clothes which I like to wear with love.

My cabinet is full of dresses, which I kept because it might be good in the future. But now it’s time to accept the fact that I won’t have a bigger breast or hips, etc., etc. … and oversize fashion here or now even the S sized dresses are hangs on me…

I’m excited I could to give my dresses to someone, who is looking for small fashion treasures and is happy when she finally finds one.

Tidying is a serious brain work. I don’t know exactly why, … maybe because of the tidying up, … but finally I managed to finish my eclectic drawing. Here it is:

It’s for sale. You can download ( 5.08 $) in no minutes, then print it in your favorite local printshop and styling your wall in eclectic way.
Sometimes a new image can toss the sun! 🙂

What’s your January wardrobe story? Do you also have lot of unnecessary clothes? What do you do with them?

my wardrobe story will be continued …

wiht love,


Love poster – how to style a living room


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I have something important to write you today.

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your live for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place is something that you have left behind.

Let it be something good.

… and there are many little good things to do in a day.

You don’t have to do everything in a one day. Choose one small little thing to fill your whole day with good vibes …

I drawn this ‘LoVe’ poster few months ago. Looking for the perfect room styling, finally I found this way to show it for public.

So, now it’s for sale! .)

Downloadable just for 5.08 $ and quickly printable at your favorite printshop in few minutes.

I would be happy to help you to make something unforgettable today. Surprize somebody you love with this pretty poster hanged on her/his wall.

styled Love poster

make a good coffe for yourself and click here for this poster:







the grey is not grey. – – – – Gloves from which all your girlfriends want to know where you bought them. Tell them. Or not. .)


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‘the grey is not grey’ – CLOTHCHAPEL

20181008_090212 (2)

Look at them closer, please because now you found something special and very very unique here in CLOTHCHAPEL

then touch them …






Pink, pink, pink. Catch the glow


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Believe or not, but creating this small pair of gloves (don’t try to count the the milimeters! :)) was much more easy for me than catching the glove’s hue and the bead’s shine in same time …


Because of the perfect lighting and – maybe – the lock of my photographer skills.

Soft pink and shiny beads in the midnight lights

This pale pink hue being my favorit and the only pink color I really love (but I’m not a pink woman), and the the mistery of this ‘Catch the light’ kind of game, given me enough energy for me to not give up the ‘hunting’…

too much light kills the pale pink hue

playin’ with lights and styling

The key is in balance: enough light for bead shine, but not too much for hue

an other day, other lighting …

By folding the gloves isn’t show the airy texture of the gloves.

I tried to catch the chilly light in the mornings, the warmer lights later, light in the shadows, the harder daylights, the afternoon’s golden light, … and – of course – styling the gloves into many of the artificial lights also.

the beads can’t glow at one time …


It was a loooong game … and I don’t want to summ you how many photos I had taken, because you can only react in two ways: I am crazy person or I am very persistant one, and I would like to believe that I am the latter … 🙂

day x: by changing the color of layers and adding some contrast around, I have got this

And after a thousand years … this morning I decided: today I will be satisfied. So here I am with the issue of the pale pink with its shiny beads:


Perfect things isn’t exist, but this pretty pair of gloves now is available on ClothChapel along with this pretty free love-card in addition.

The ‘hard to prectice’ – moto of the day:

don’t be perfectionist.

wear love,


the blue way to embrace the last weeks of sunshine


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… as the days turn gray, we all feel that every weak sunlight is so precious to us. Our instincts dictate that we have to steal some blue and sand and calm and cozy things from the last days of sunshine, it is time to catch the ultima light and preserve them in something that will follow us in every darker day, until the sunshine appears again with all its delightful power to embrace us and say ‘Hi dear’ in the next spring.

Now I offer you a really cute game to survive the darker times.

You have to do nothing, just Read, Answer the 2 questions and Win. 

Some month ago I launched a blue game on ClothChapel Instagram site. It is very easy and still open.



  • Be ClothChapel follower on Instagram
  • find the picture of blue couple bracelets amongst the ClothChapel Instagram pic. posts


  • return here
  • read the ClothChapel articles

because one of them includes the key of your perfect answer


  • turn again on ClothChapel Instagram account and be the first who answer the 2 question in a one single comment (under the pic of blue couple bracelet)

You will get the ClothChapel couple bracelet made specially for you.


Playing alone or in couple, I really hope you will enjoy it.

let the blue be with you,


Cs’lla from ClothChapel


How often use your intuition / blogging advice


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How often do you listen to your feelings?
today I sat down to the computer because I wanted to sell some stuff from the wardrobe. I found a site that looks like a sympathetic one, but I didn’t even know how to sign up because it doesn’t allows me … Not at all!  As I searched for further sites with the right sales interface, a link leads me right here to WordPress ….

‘Hm’ … I wonder. ‘Maybe I forgot to quit last time when I used it? … (even I’m the soul who always logging out from the currently used sites.) That’s an interesting IDontknowCase.

in the corner of my site the well-known orange ring indicates me that I got a comment or notice.

This one:



So in this funny way I received the message that my ClothChapel blog-site now is three years old. I was quite surprised!

I’m not a typical blogger who writes on a regular basis, so I can’t help with any cool advise, but now I can tell you this little ‘story’ of how to write a blog without you want to write a blog.  Just try to to deal with something else and let your brain and hand driving you. Your feelings will leads you to the solution. Just try it.

I thank you for flying with me. I can’t give you anything more in return just than those vibes I’ve got from the Universe few moments ago:  listen to your intuitions and let them open new links for you, as like the trees which can’t seen where their roots are moving, but the trust creeps them into the good medium. The signs are always clear.

DSCN4366This lovely meditative picture was made by Zsófia P. Steiner with love.

P.S. / You know the rule. Don’t force that which doesn’t works. It’s not a coincidence. Wait for the right time.


being your own fashion model (?)


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Could you guess the number of the team-stuff which has worked on a photo?

I couldn’t.

As many of small businesses with low budget, not everyone can afford to pay day by day for expressive models, but there are some creative solutions which can help you to be up-to-date with your products and by which you can show your stories and activities to your audience.

Flatlays, still lifes, moody pictures

Not easy to catch the best light and taste. Not at all! But with patience and by time you can arrange your products in a very advanced form. The secret is to play often!


Mirrors are extremly useful in any perspective. Not just for selfies, but for presenting the other side of the products in same picture. Very funny method, but requires very sophisticated sense of style. (I’m still not good at this yet. I have to going to expand my knowledge —)

When you are your own model

It is well-known fact that folks are better buying off products which are presented by models. But what do you do if you can’t afford it yet?

Not a big deal until one of your hands is free. Here is again an example while I took a photo of my style and fringed bracelet using my left hand and a selfie-stick:

Patience and practice is the clue.  Just practice and upgrade you knowledge and skills day by day using different products as like scarves, hat, bracelet or any accessory which can be easily photographed by you while you wear them.



in mirror


But the product like tops and dresses are difficult to present without models.

Fortunately many of phones can be set to do photos commended by voice. This method is very funny, but it requires a lot of patience and energy.

Here is one of my self-photo made by my phone used voice-command:


The phone’s back-camera’s view aren’t so sharp … and many photos must to be done while you’ll be satisfied, but be patient and practice.

… and, yes, there is when you are so lucky as you attract cute creative souls, who will surprize you with breathtaking flat lays, like this below, made by Daiana Folea.

That is a good example for how to manage easily a cooperation, even if you don’t live in same countries. Thanks to the God and Net!

I couldn’t recommend enough her works for creative cooperation! Find Daiana’s works here:


Her works are very moody and inspirational, and she is a smart content creator as well.


Welcome to all the mistakes and share your tricks with those who are in a similar footstep.

with love,











do nothing (?)


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‘There are times when in order to keep ourselves in existence at all, we simply have to sit back for a while and do nothing’ – said by Thomas Merton and nicely call our attention again to this true by Arriana Huffinton, I found by reading all kind of things today …

‘Do nothing’ is one of the best things you can add to your to-do list. – she wrote in her capture.

So true.



but, I think, these thoughts only work if you yourself are turned on ‘do nothing’ mode.

anyway its true.

But  how can I do nothing?

i’ll try it today. somehow.

I already know what I will going to do in order to ‘do nothing’!

I always do something when I do nothing. Automatic things which doesn’t need many attention as like washing the dishes, cleaning a shelf … useful things that I can resolve in 5-10 minutes. (I have special theory about 5-small-thing-to-resolve-per-day actions!

Being always engaged in something, creating accurate stuffs step by step, millimeter by millimeter, for me the ‘stop and smell the roses’ mode is … not easy.

Trying to DO NOTHING, today I organized my shops virtual shelves. New items, new search, new photos, etc. Amusing things, but still is not the BIG NOTHING.

So I tried to doodle my thoughts. What color has the nothing? How can I describe?

Here is my answer. nothing is almost WHITE.

after several days …

even my intention was to give you some informative thought about how I find my ‘do nothing’, I found myself doodling and doodling. That’s my do nothing.

try it. anywhere. anytime. (you know how boring some meetings are !

But …

in the end maybe you’ll find yourself doing something beautiful.

Do n(o/a) thing.

These are some ‘do nothings’ of mine. Postcard, artprints , illustrations …

Some of them are for sale. 😉




more on my site here: www.clothchapel.com

p.s.: write me how do you do your ‘do nothing’. It is so difficult for you too?



Spell your wishlist


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It is 24 March …
and believe or not, but I had no time to say ’Hi’ to you.
So sorry.
(That’s happen when you run an one-person-business … okay, sometimes one and half. .)
But the furtune in whole is that I can leave here this message for you now.
I hope you are ALL happy and full of new goals and amazing wishlist(s) settled or reloaded at the beginning of this year. I wish you to achieve them all!
I can’t apologize enough for this very late post, but I have a little gift for you on my site. Just pop over here and read the message on top:


Spell your Wishlist

Share it, post it, love it. ( I intend to expand this collection as often as I can. )


Also happy to announce that today I opened a new shelf named ’Your Wall’ for all those whom wish to express their passion for fashion.
Here it is my firts ’darling’ with ’I have permission for black’ title. Hehe.

I have permission for black_1


p.s.: Spell your wishlist loud!
I hope to hear from you.