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It’s hard to say which are those things that a woman can’t get enough of, but there are some basics which can be loved by any fashiongirl: sketches, drawings, stylish illustrations which can really touch your soul.

Scroll down to see some of my favourites:

Preppy prints

Croopped, dropped, cut-outs, flared trousers, tops, skirts, shirtdresses, etc, gingham pattern is a timeless choise. It can fit in any wardrobe and can gently tosses any outfit’s style boundaries without risk.

For same printable fashion sketch click here.


The sunglasses don’t need any explanation. Especially the coloured ones. They deserved to be on focus.

Blush flowers

available soon in ClothChapel shop

daintly floral prints are amongst of our basic essentials. At any time, in any colour, in any mood.

Collars, chokers, frills

Shop here

perfect when you have no idea how to lighten up your deadly dull t-shirt in no minutes.

This lovely list will be upgraded continually with more exciting stuff . Till then check this eclectic fashion sketch also pretty to styling your room walls.

Tip: before downloading any of my illustrations, check these well-designed cartoon frames downloadable for free here. You can also use them for your blog or website. 🙂

Happy to hears about your girlish things.

with love,



April. Girls are playing with florals and take long walks…


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Due to the spring’s freshness reflected everywhere, girls dresses up in floral robes and the blind date with floral (and strangers) continues.
The girls are also planting some beautiful flower on their balcony,
and the preloved dresses are much more loved than ever…

French, Floral, Fashion


the girls in April learned that the name of ‘pansy’ is derived from French word ‘pensée’ and means ‘thought’. Thought of remembrance and the love of course!

according to pansy flower etymologie, ‘the name “love in idleness” was meant to imply the image of a lover who has little or no other employment than to think of his beloved’

inspired by spring flowers

here I am and my desings for ClothChapel inspired by smell of spring … Something for Your Wall and something for Your Hands … (april is still hot cold)

LOVE LETTERS / Floral print Wall Art
FOR ROMANTIC NIGHT DATE / Frilly floral lace gloves

+ Fashion-mention in case if your date is at daylight and you have no idea what to wear: 

These kind of pink sunglasses are still on trend and preloved dresses are much more loved than ever …

As I mentioned earlier – What to wear when in doubt –  this kind of sunglasses will be in trend for years. And they really are! 



the girls’ April calendars included long walks, skin care and dentist.

Same colors, same vibes (2). How to save your indoor plant?


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There are a lot of ways to kill a plant. I did this with overwatering and low light (or the sunbathing?) Still don’t know …
But after noticing that my plant (Hoya Kerri, also know as Sweetheart Plant or Valentine Hoya) is dying, I started an desperate rescue.
Although the rescue has been going on for several months, here’s a brief description about the way.

My Plant name is Mr.Green Hearty and He was always on my worktable giving me so smart advices. (you can find more details about His precious hints here)

  • July 2018 – here is the last time when the Mr. G. has brought a new leaf …
  • September 2018 – when the first signs of dying appeared …

These flower-buds couldn’t develop for some reason.
Maybe because He wanted to grow a new leaf at the same time and because these flowers would have been the second bloom of the plant, He have no enough fertile soil for blooming … I don’t really know.

the only thing I know was that after this point Mr.G. wasn’t in good shape …
despite the fact that I moved Him to the window because of the lack of light in the room and I brought Him often to the sun onto balcony. Now I guess it was also a big mistake …

the result of overwatering … (?)
  • 26th November, 2018 – the main leaf of Mr.G. was gone and I thought that His roots were in serious trouble.
  • After He started dropping the leaves, I decided to cut His 13th leaf along with the associated section … then the 12th leaf, and then the 10th leaf putting them is a clear water.

  • After some weeks the leaves gave a sign of life! I was so happy!Then I decided not to cut down the other leaves one by one, but I try put the whole remaining stem in a water.
  • If someones follows this recipe: that final CUT I did was at 14th February, 2019
  • Do you see those pretty roots appeared on the stem?

Now Mr. G.’ s ‘children’ looks pretty good and heathy. The 13th leaf has got the previous black pot of Him, but – maybe – a little bit smarter carer … and it have already a new leaf! 🙂

take a look at my story-related drawing here

Whatever it is, this was my experience with hoya kerri, maybe it could give some hope to desperate plant-carers.

Moto: ‘ ONLY ONE WATERING A MONTH’ – more short hints like this about
Sweetheart Valentine Hoya’s care I found here.

happy to hear about your plant-story,

with love


March. Girls are still walking wrapped in warm sweaters, but take their favorite ballet flats to shoemaker because it is still on trend. (and will always stay there)


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short breaks

As the spring getting closer, girls are becoming more enlightened. And despite the fact that some things aren’t going in a way as they imagined, they suddenly feel enough powered to change the bad directions.


In March girls still have surround themselves with soft grey stuff, but in their dreams they have blind dates with lovely florals and fringes …

Grey fringed gloves are get to be discovered by fashiongirls.

girlpower – secret about mantras

now I reveal you one of my secret, maybe it will help you too.
I’ve found that I must to move some things forward. So I took my shoes to the shoemaker and unconsciously concentrating on energy of ‘move, go, fly’.

Order here

After some days I got an order to make a bracelet for a girl whose monogram was just G.O. !

That’s a funny game you can try anytime. Just use your imagination! (You know: the imagination is one of the most important components of success! Use it!)

blind dates

In my previous blogpost, I wrote about tidying the wardrobe, and the mission to find the right place for each of my preloved dresses.

My mission is still on way.

In March everything was a little bit sleepy … but I met a guy who collected bad nylon stocking for creative purposes. (They produce butterflies made using these stockings). So I collected all my old torn stockings and gave it all to him. And, yeah, that was also funny move and
my cabinet also became more breezy.

Have you any girl-power to share?

excited to hear about them,


p.s.: Stay always on sunny side.

February. Girls get nasty cold because they walk in lightweight coat. Springtime is not here, but it’s okay, we all want to be here right now!


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As I wrote in my January post, I decided to sell all my pre-loved, wrong sized or never worn clothes.

In February girls are searching for pastel coloured swing spring-coats, and at the moment as they hunt one, they feel irresistible temptation to wear it immediately. So they get nasty cold …

girls wear springish coats as if it be already spring

… and because it takes time to recover from the cold, the girls have enough time to find the perfect pieces of their wardrobe’s capsules. (and a fashion-girl knows, this is one of the best ways to heal.)

If you feel the mood

Sometime some fine details can boots our healing. And this need is even more true in February. Now the blooming colors are extra-necessary for everyone!

So try one of the mood-therapy tricks with a cute object arranging it in a way you feel perfect.

Here is my offer to strenghten your stylist mood:

download the STYLIST MOOD sketch here

have fun! 😉


‘t i m e t o…’ the message you get every single day, and which tells you about your vibes. Just go and ask your plant(s)!


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The 13th heart of Mr. Green H.

few months ago (in September, last year) I sadly observed that Mr. Green Hearty has going though something unusual, transforming day by day paler and paler.

I got scared.
While He is not so fragile soul, I could do something in a very wrong way with him. Definitely! Over-water, over-sunbathing, over-love.

I’ve never felt more right to say that ‘too much love will kill you’ …

Mr Green is my wax plant (hoya kerrii), the only plant who has ever flourished in this apartment, the only plant who was (is?) completely tuned on my vibes, giving me such delicate signs as like the same colored flowers blooming as my recent work (see the article Same color, same vibes) … like an emoticon ring.

suddenly little blush pink porcelain flower-buds appeared between leaves

I have to save Him somehow.

Since I’m not an expert, I tried to find some wiser botanists and read all their hints. Maybe there is some tricky intervention that can save my plant.

Finally I found a girl on Instagram: #rootedingreenlove (Caution! Amazing site full of love 🙂

… and by whom I landed to her favorited and recommended site: @pistilsnursery  (very inspirational and informative site, as much for beginner plantlovers, as for advanced ones :))

I took every possible ambulance methods I read, but Mr Green seemed to be still dying.The main and the first two leaves turned in yellow and after few days dropped down … 😦

Carefully raised the whole plant to see if there some reddish discoloration on its roots. But I didn’t see anything just roots.
I didn’t dare to water, while I was afraid He is thirsty. Such a contradicted feeling!

Then suddenly I could not bear His pain anymore, and I cut off His 13th leaf with the associated section, …
I haven’t read about this method anywhere, but I felt I had to do it.

I put it in a blue transparent glass, in a clean boiled and cooled water … and I was waiting for what was happening …

Once the little branch was swollen and after a few days a small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag.

I was amazingly happy!

small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag. 🙂

I’d got courage of this and I cutted off another leaf-stem from the top of Mr. Green branch. The 12th.

Mr Green wasn’t in good mood, so and I wrapped some of His remaining leaves with few cotton cosmetic pads and sprinkling them sometimes.

Valentine’s Day

Mr. Green didn’t loose more leaves, but apparently dying. I decided to cut the 11th leave, putting it in a glass, and left the rest 5 remaining leaves on His body-stalk.

p.s. I love you.

I don’t know what will happen with Mr.Green … but now I am happy with this saved 13th leaf.

‘helo, lovely’

here’s how it all affected me while I was drawing THIS:

Positive Vibrations brings Positive Changes

with love,


January. Girls are searching for cardigans, blush colors and sweet lacey lingerie


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sweet shopping and the reasons

After a researcher calculations the most depressive day of the year is the Monday of the last (whole) week of the January. At that time we’ve already caught up with the celebration, we didn’t get slim because it turns out that our New Year’s vows do not work, and we have a whole long year full of tasks … Uh!

I don’t have to lose weight (moreover!), but as all humans in this world, I also have some stalled things waiting to be solved.

I have my special methods for these times. Any time I met with matted things and I need extra energies for thinking, I start to clean the space around me, rearranging the objects, packing , washing, clean up, repair something. It easy, isn’t is?

January cleaning can have a good effect throughout the year

‘Wash out your laundry and your thoughts will be grateful for this.’

It is a good idea to pay attention to this eternal advice as well in January. And what else could a woman do with more enjoyment than re-arranging (loading) her wardrobe?

Thinking of the statistics of the researchers, I think we (the womens) don’t have to own special formulas to calculate the behavior of others.

My statistic in not relevant, but in January girls are searching for cardigans, blush colors and sexy elastic lingeries.

Why the womens search for these? (after my opinion 🙂

Because Valentines day is around. (This pretty black lingerie, for example, was found by a sweet girl who was looking for a lingerie for her engagement photo-shoot.)

Cardigans are eternal basic for all the year.

the earth colors suggests the sense of security

Blush colors are for brigthen up the gloomy days.

a little sparkle always tosses the day

I don’t like to do too much chaos, but since I like to find the right place for things, sometimes there are a couple of boxes in a corner of the room (ok, in the middle 🙂 for months.

Recently I am interested in win-win situation. I’m trying to find out how everyone can win in each deal. I’m practicing this on the sale of my clothes.

I started to sort them out and realized that I hardly have clothes which I like to wear with love.

My cabinet is full of dresses, which I kept because it might be good in the future. But now it’s time to accept the fact that I won’t have a bigger breast or hips, etc., etc. … and oversize fashion here or now even the S sized dresses are hangs on me…

I’m excited I could to give my dresses to someone, who is looking for small fashion treasures and is happy when she finally finds one.

Tidying is a serious brain work. I don’t know exactly why, … maybe because of the tidying up, … but finally I managed to finish my eclectic drawing. Here it is:

It’s for sale. You can download ( 5.08 $) in no minutes, then print it in your favorite local printshop and styling your wall in eclectic way.
Sometimes a new image can toss the sun! 🙂

What’s your January wardrobe story? Do you also have lot of unnecessary clothes? What do you do with them?

my wardrobe story will be continued …

wiht love,


Love poster – how to style a living room


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I have something important to write you today.

This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your live for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place is something that you have left behind.

Let it be something good.

… and there are many little good things to do in a day.

You don’t have to do everything in a one day. Choose one small little thing to fill your whole day with good vibes …

I drawn this ‘LoVe’ poster few months ago. Looking for the perfect room styling, finally I found this way to show it for public.

So, now it’s for sale! .)

Downloadable just for 5.08 $ and quickly printable at your favorite printshop in few minutes.

I would be happy to help you to make something unforgettable today. Surprize somebody you love with this pretty poster hanged on her/his wall.

styled Love poster

make a good coffe for yourself and click here for this poster:






the grey is not grey. – – – – Gloves from which all your girlfriends want to know where you bought them. Tell them. Or not. .)


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‘the grey is not grey’ – CLOTHCHAPEL

20181008_090212 (2)

Look at them closer, please because now you found something special and very very unique here in CLOTHCHAPEL

then touch them …






Pink, pink, pink. Catch the glow


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Believe or not, but creating this small pair of gloves (don’t try to count the the milimeters! :)) was much more easy for me than catching the glove’s hue and the bead’s shine in same time …


Because of the perfect lighting and – maybe – the lock of my photographer skills.

Soft pink and shiny beads in the midnight lights

This pale pink hue being my favorit and the only pink color I really love (but I’m not a pink woman), and the the mistery of this ‘Catch the light’ kind of game, given me enough energy for me to not give up the ‘hunting’…

too much light kills the pale pink hue

playin’ with lights and styling

The key is in balance: enough light for bead shine, but not too much for hue

an other day, other lighting …

By folding the gloves isn’t show the airy texture of the gloves.

I tried to catch the chilly light in the mornings, the warmer lights later, light in the shadows, the harder daylights, the afternoon’s golden light, … and – of course – styling the gloves into many of the artificial lights also.

the beads can’t glow at one time …


It was a loooong game … and I don’t want to summ you how many photos I had taken, because you can only react in two ways: I am crazy person or I am very persistant one, and I would like to believe that I am the latter … 🙂

day x: by changing the color of layers and adding some contrast around, I have got this

And after a thousand years … this morning I decided: today I will be satisfied. So here I am with the issue of the pale pink with its shiny beads:


Perfect things isn’t exist, but this pretty pair of gloves now is available on ClothChapel along with this pretty free love-card in addition.

The ‘hard to prectice’ – moto of the day:

don’t be perfectionist.

wear love,