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Singer 66

In the end of this august I’ve got a gorgeus gift. A breathtaking Singer 66.

As You see, this is my very first post. I never thought of myself that I will write about a machine! But I fell in love with one of them … with an old one, named Singer 66 C 2283439.

We met in a very simple court nr. 100. It was alone … and it was a pure love at first blink … me … hypnotized by its beauty I invited It in my soul. Now I know that It is part of my life… But It has no human odor. 🙂 It smells like an old old book.

I decided to reload a little life in It. But before any human intervention, I started to search after Its details …

Singer 66 C 2283439. Where are You born? 

I typed many times Its name in google search, but I can’t get any revelant information about Its age … Just shreds.

So, right now I have only few things that I know about my S66. Firts at all I know that my S66 is not alone, there are  plenty of Singers in our world … but  – nonetheless – I didn’t find any photograph about mine … yet.


… and  I know this and that about Its “great-grandfather” Isaac Merritt Singer. An actor with inventory ambitions. So not a big surprize that he was married a lot of times, but  – apart from of all this –  he was a very clever mind. 🙂 Financially took the floor many times,  but each time he was able to stand up. He must to do, because Singer fathered at least 24 children with various wives and mistresses … he could be a bohemian big kid.

Dear Isaac Merritt Singer, I’m sure I am not alone with my Singer-love feelings, so I promise,  I will take care of your little S66

C 2283 439.:-)