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What is C mean to be?After I spent two nigths and  days with C 2283439 I must to mentioned that It has still a deep parfume of history. I like that smell! and I know more about this fragrance.

This morning I found some answers. 

My S66 C2283439 is a model D66 made in 1922 at the  Wittenberge factory in Prussia. That’s nice!

But what does it mean that C and the rest of numbers? Maybe the 22 indicate the year of Its creation, but the others?

but the answers always arrives on time, right?… 

Yesterday evening I got a great advice from an other Singer-lover (grubbe77 at Instagram. She also has a beautiful lotus-painted Singer machine. An adorabile one! She write me that I have to get a metal polish steel wool for cleaning the rusty parts of my S66. Deep in my heart I would let on It all the dust of history, but I think that Its earlier owner would be happy to known It clean.


I wish to find out who used the machine before of me.