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Searching after a Singer serial number it’s a very funny game. I feel as if I am in a kind of matrix. But fortunately I’ve got a few curious spirits, who helped me to get step forward with weird dates around my Singer.

What could be my Singer machine's story?

What could be my Singer machine’s story?

When my Singer arrived, I registered at the ISMACS site and the very next day a girl named Judy appeared with the clue that the my Singer 66 is originated from 1922 and was made at Wittenberge factory. Although I thought that my Singer was born in early  of 20’s, I was still amazed by these new data. I was so pleased with this news, that I shooted an  another 100 photos of my Singer. It allowed it. (Maybe It thought, “This one is definitely stupid!” )

Barely had the time to do research or to do something constructive in order to my Singer machine,  it is a great feeling after all that there are so many documents on web which light my knowledge.

… when Russians invaded Germany in 1945 they stripped all the machinery completely emptied the factory. So they took awy all the C series…


Wish I could ask my Singer where It was in these times …

In 1945 the Singer with serial number C was stripped by Russian army.

In 1945 the Singer with serial number C was stripped by Russian army.

I will deciphered somehow. Furtunately there are have some folk on for ask such questions…

Immediately after July I received an e-mail from Kathleen C … My goodness, how nice people! It is just enough to think aloud and answers arrives almost immediately? Kathleen (whom has a Singer 66-6 from 1931) sent me some links which confirmed that the C-2.200.431 to C-2.360.150 serial numbered Singers were made in 1922 in Wittenberge.

 So that’s true. Now I’m convinced.

… But what is Its the exact day? And what is mean that C … 83439?