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Searching after a Singer serial number it’s a very funny game.  It is more funny to do this having curious foreign company.  I feel as if I am in a kind of matrix. But fortunately I’ve got a few curious spirits, who helped me to get step forward with information.

What could be my Singer machine's story?

What could be my Singer machine’s story?

When my Singer arrived, I registered at the ISMACS site and the very next day a girl named Judy appeared with the clue that the my Singer 66 is  originated from 1922 and was made at Wittenberge factory. Although I pretty much guessed that my Singer was born in early  of 20’s, I was still amazed by this new data. I was so pleased with this news, that I shoot another 100 photos from my Singer. It allowed it. (Maybe It thought, “This one is definitely stupid!” )

Barely had the time to do research or to do something constructive in order to my Singer machine,  it is a great feeling after all that I could have been know that much more about It. July wrote that  – later I also read – when the Russians invaded Germany in 1945 they stripped all the machinery completely emptied the factory. So they took all the C series…


Wish I can ask my Singer where It was in these times, but … I am not so crazy.

In 1945 the Singer with serial number C was stripped by Russian army.

In 1945 the Singer with serial number C was stripped by Russian army.

I will deciphered somehow. Furtunately I have some people to ask… Immediately after July I received an email from Kathleen C.. My goodness! It is just enough to think aloud and answers comes? Kathleen (she has a Singer 66-6 from 1931) sent me some links which confirmed that the C-2.200.431 to C-2.360.150 serial numbered Singers were made in 1922 in Wittengerbe. Now I am convinced.

… But what is Its the exact day? And what is mean that C … 83439?