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~   20151214_110813 (3) I have written before that I like Coco? She was unbearable, I know …  difficult persona, to work  with demanded iron nerves, but … she is Coco, and perhaps this mannerisms and arrogance was one of her secret to success. To retailoring the whole collection in the middle of night?! Insanity or passion?

I don’t know why she starting to made her own accessories. Perhaps it was was nothing enough good for perfect. But if you mention that in that times was – industrial revolution or not – there was no range of jewerly stores or bijouterie full of beads and stones and and trinketry. Or there was nowhere the right ones for Coco’s taste.

20151214_110526 (2)

Today everybody tinkering something … and is good in DIY  that is highly personalized. I that way any handmade thing signed the Coco’s  “be different” and “irreplaceable” principles.

If I could ask Coco about my crocheted earring, she  – according to her custom – simplified them … with a scrissors  maybe. (I don’t know if tit is a good idea to invite her for  a cup of tea. :-))


This pair of earring gave birth in the spirit of practicality, and if Coco would complain that it is too complicated, or she wanted to shorten them, I stopped her and I convinced her that isn’t need to do. Why? Because it is enough to knotted a little to get the  shorter version of this earrings.

20151214_110017 (2)

No need to add other than:

  • A little black, a little white thread and the inevitable beads ( I used just 8-8 renaissance-style glass bead) + one pair of earring hook + crochet hooks.
  • At the first step I crochet a long cord. So long and so thick which can be threaded easily  to the selected beads hole.
  • We need to cords, but you can try an experiment with two different string. (If you have  an asymmetrical haircut, it could be funny to have different-sized earrings.)
  • I sewed the leave-like forms from cords
  • One leaf, one bead, one leaf, one bead
20151214_111003 (3)
I agree with Coco that this earring fit with a very simple dress.
P.S.: The bird’s nests  fits for trees not for heads.