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Everyone had been in a situation when a begging stranger tried to stopped on the road, right? It is very uncomfortable. Man tries to hurry up and get out on the footsteps or imitate very busy.  I felt so in that beautiful august afternoon  when a strange girl with braces and with map under her arms came towards to me. I tried to get out. It was very embarrassing. Finally I stopped just because she wears dragons around neck … and my only beloved niece being born in that zodiac.

The girl was  a volunteer of WWF, and  because I felt ashamed I begin to listen and listen and listen to her talk. Suddenly  a found myself not only to listening but thinking about if I have enough money what would I do with a panda … and how this degrading bark work could be raised in another level, in a way that these enthusiastic volunteers do not disappear unpleasant bandits? I realized that it is an impossible mission because there is just two ways: the peoples stops or not. Those who stop could reflect on requests or not. For example me … I would never have stood out if isn’t that  dragon. That’s the true. Despite of I always wanted a cat … but I felt sorry for close them in a room.

I thought this to myself turning down the brochure in my hand… when I suddenly saw these a little jumping lynx. OMG! I wanted exactly a cat like this! A free one!

… That’s  the way how it happened that I have a little free bigcat somewhere in mountains. (In our country barely 20.:()

I found  a beautiful short movie for you. Look or not. Think or not. You can help or not. I will not stand in your way.

P.S. But you can also share it.:-)