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The pin-up era never ends! Flirty, sassy, playful. This innocent-like, but very tempting look dements all men fantasy! That’s why thousands of women want this style.

Even if not every woman can become a cover-girl, but with a pinch of pin-up-girl-look, anyone can feels really feminine and flirty. And that’ s the secret why the pin-up wave is able to survive so many eras …

The 1890s onward favored by many celebrities, this style’s details is very popular still in our days. Celebrities often smuggle some pin-up details in their daily look. But even in their red-carpet style.

Pin up 1

If you want boots your style with some inspiration, look at the Swedish-born Greta Garbo’s 1910’s 20’s wardrobe… or at 30’s Marlene Dietrich’s  style, but there is Mae West, Ginger Rogers and the always exiting Marilyn Monroe’s tricks, of course.

pin up 2

Pin-up unconsciously was printed in the history of fashion as a symbol of sexuality as well as in the fantasies of every man! .)

Sophia Loren

… and the wave did not stopped here. Not at all! In 40s Ava Lavínia Gardner and Ingrid Bergman, in the 50s Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren reloaded this style again and again …

Later Twiggy of 60s and the Raquel Welch of 70s wore the style of ” I am a woman” – symbol.


In the 80s looked like as if the fever had subsided a little bit. But for Samatha Fox has been succeeded to throw over the baton and hand over it for Carmen Electra and Pamela Denise Anderson of 90s, …  and to reach the chameleon of all times, Madonna Louise Cioccone.



… and here we are. The pin-up is here again! Headed by Katy Perry,

Katy Perry

and the cute Scarlett I.  Johansson. (the list is endless)

Scarlet j

Anyway even the Hungarians had a pin-up girls named Vilma Banky, alias Vilma Koncsics.

Banky Vilma

Their common feature is the confident engagement of femininity… and California.

Now, if I had to talk all these impressions with Coco Chanel  … ?

Dear Coco,

It is difficult to miss the madness of these feelings … a years ago I’ve got a letter from Jenny Eloise Rieu a French singer (actress, model) management … she asked me about my beaded pale pink gloves … This one.

The glove

At first I looked like Balaam’s ass ( in every sence of meaning)… why me … how I fit in this picture? So in the first letter I sent, I wasn’t very friendly, I think. 

… You – the soul who is hanging around the world –  know exactly the reason why this gloves was made … I’m not (cherish) in good relationship with certain shades of pink … But I really tried to love it! So many peoples loves this little childish soft color… those people are so nice souls … and I used to love it in the past.

… and then no one is responsible of my childhood’s story when, instead of witch gown, everybody costumed me in ridiculous Sleeping Beauty’s rag … and I was so angry for this color… !

Now, when I write this, it is rather ridiculous: how can I be angry at a color ???

Anyway … I started my color-therapy with this pale pink because this shade is the closest to me.

I was getting into the game. Jenny looked to be a very cool girl … The way she dressed …  This was a little bit your world too, dear Coco, isn’t it? You know it well,  and  I wanted to understand it somehow…

You was also cabaret-singer, wasn’t it? With your sister while she stepped off with a guy and left you alone … 

Well, Jenny live in such cabaret-like Hollywoodian world. 

I duged myself into the world of colored pens parade, increasingly understand the ‘message’: French women in the  little bit kitschy America. ( Sometimes I pulled up my eyebrows … but now I say: PIN UP, GIRLS! :-))


I finally sent the gloves for Jenny E. R.

You can’t believe, but she sent me a photo on which she wore exactly same colored dress like me on that Sleeping Beauty photo …you know … with same hair cut and with same smile

Jenny R

I was 5, and that was my second – but first! colored – picture of mine. I smiling because my father said me: if we go home, I can take off the pink cover of my crown made by stainless steel created by him …

(to be continued)