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IMG_20160318_155025[1].jpgDear Followers,

I just have a few of you here, but I wish to share a game … a game with me (Crochetedbride),  and wish to invite you at my instagram account to play with me “Looking for a Cinderella!”

This time she has lost her gloves. Oh, these today’s parties! The problem is that she has no idea where she could lost them …

If you feel that you are that Cinderella, please follow my game at Looking for a Cinderella

and find the place where C. has lost her gloves.

There I will show you soon the first puzzle to help you.

Finally your reward will be a pair of Crochetedbride gloves (vide supra).

P.S. : These two doves  (and a clever prince if you are lucky enough.) will help you to find the place, but if it’s not a problem, your gloves won’t be send by doves, but send by me.

… and don’t forget, Cinderella has no age! 🙂

Just have fun!