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This time she has lost her gloves. Oh, these today’s parties!
The problem is that she has no idea where she could lost them… If you feel that you are that Cinderella, please follow my game at

Looking for a Cinderella gloves ( www. instagram.com albert_csilla)

and find the place where C. has lost her gloves. ⏳I will show you that maison puzzle by puzzle to help you find the place.

Finally your reward will be a pair of Crochetedbride gloves.

Looking for a C 2 (2).JPG

✉P.S.1 : These two doves will help you to find the place, but if it’s not a problem, your gloves won’t be send by doves, but send by me. ✉My closest friends and acquantainces are not allowed to participate in this game. Sorry guys! Maybe next time!😉 HAVE FUN!

Waiting for You,