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Everyone has a dozen of good-for-nothing  stuff  received as a gift from somebody. These are usually pushed further as an aid. Fortunately there is always who will see them perfectly.

But what could be a perfect gift?  And how is it looks?  There is no receipe, but even an exact description of this isn’t exists. Not at all, even if almost everyone has already received one at least once in life. Must exist somewhere a criteria!

To give a gift for somebody is always exciting, but also stressful. We don’t know which one could be the perfect gift from dozen of ideas!

Look at the following tips about how to find the perfect gift for your only loved …

Get a paper and anwer the following question:

  1. Are you in love with (your cat? :)) This answer is the base of all!  Be sincerewith yourself.
  2. What would you like to expess with that gift? Write it step by step.
  3. What the gift (could) tell about you? Hmmm…

There are many types of gifts and they are all refer a little bit to something and say pretty much about our souls too. (Nonetheless this the least wievpoint when we go for buying a gift, isn’t true? )

4. How much time you have for get that gift? 

I have a  friend of mine  who never twiddle with such things as packaging. Aw, but this is one of her trademarks! .-)  She is the perfect example of  hurried shoppers, but no one expects her more.  But for other people, the secretly preparing is the most exciting part of the whole process.

4. Are you selfish?

Hard to answer question …

We all want to see  the perfect surprized face of the loved one(s) and the convincing expressions of “Wow, this is exactly what I want to get!” Actually we want to be also happy.  That is natural.

You are selfish: if that gift wasn’t on the loved one’s wishlist, but there was/is in yours. (In first row! :))))

6. Can I design a gift? 

Yes, you can. (or ask somebody for help if you need it)

Let me tell you a story.

Not long time ago a guy asked me to design him couplebracelets. I was very excited because I like to be part of this kind of secrets. I didn’t ask him about the occasion… The only thing I know it was that he not bounded the process by any deadline. How cute, isn’t he?


Perfect gift. Description by: a man in love

I don’t know any statistics about how men are in trouble in general regarding of the gift-giving, but often I hear the “after x  years you still don’t know my size” type of grief…

But – fortunatelly-  I was a witness of an exceptional opposite case. I never seen a man to design (sorry from exeptions and designers of course! ) such a cute gifts.

This guy hardly left me to change any of his vision. I loved the whole proccess and  I learned a lot about unisex colors for example. It was like a really cool workshop for me.

I learned also a lot about the criteria of the perfect gifts.

First of all it is made in SECRET.


NOt connected to any OCCASION.

The reason:

Just because…

P1020554 (2).JPG

A just- because …  gift from a little girl

This little heart is one of my kindest gift. I’ve got from my little niece. I can imagine how carefully she carved it … and how excited she was to doing the best job. That’s why is so perfect.