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I have been spent longer time without Net before, but  then and there the circumstances wasn’t determined by me, but by the happy fool’s paradise…

But now, when I decided to disconnect my mind from the Net, I was a bit envious of the former myself who carelessly played on fields with common chicory, bell flowers, field bindweed and the battle-hardened thistles able to build an entire kingdom and declare war against the half world.


I recently found this small island where are varios wild flowers planted between two rails and three highway … It is an attempt to see if these plants will survive among a smoggy conditions.

Before the countdown hours it was revealed that during the current renovation in the house, accidentally our doorbell was disconnected from the central system. But who is missing that ring, I thought, when the neighbour knocked on the door? She said, she will mention our ring-problem for the workers … and then they will solve it. O.K. I don’t need any ring. Indeed! This “without-ring-being” supports my plan at least in spirit. Anyway, in this kind of decision, like in any normal diet, it is good to be supported by others or something.

I was preparing for it. I had been prepared for this for a long time ago. Then and there when we were washing ourself in bowl. No matter if it was summer or winter … rubbed the teeth with salt and went on a wooden toilet or where we could. How I envy that free feeling! Fortunately I can recall that memories at any time … But will my body can remember of all those things?  And where it could be the border of my comfortzone?

I made a whole list just for the case if in my without-Internet-hours I will be captured by the temptation.

First of all, I have designed a flag, that I pinned everywhere and I shared it on couple of community surfaces … if anyone wants to take with me in this silent …

Here is my flag.

When I turned off my phone and web, according to my last information, I have received encouragements just by foreign people. Totally strangers …

I jokingly asked my 16-year-old niece if she would take with me in my “without-Net- being”, but she replied with “no thanks ” with a lot of laughing symbols. How could I expected else answer from such a 16-year-old girl who has nicknamed herself Miss Zs. Wifi Software!? :))))

I’ve never had a diet, so I don’t really know whether there is any parallel between my Net-diet and a real diet…  Although I am not at all a Net-addict,  I guess that the Net works like a compensation of something, like a niche.  Such as chocolate.(Worse! According to scientists it can be compared with alcohol addiction!?). For some reason, we used to nibble it even if our body doesn’t need of it…

I took into account several things:

I had a smart plan before the countdown.  I’m wanted to set well everything around me. Preferably when I don’t have to run anywhere and my things on Net can wait, because nobody will die by my absence.

First, I gave myself a lot of work. In this matter was not any new anyway. I love my job!

On the other hand, I have prepared a couple of book and 7 decks of card: an Egyptian and 6 about of personality developer cards. I fact there isn’t a pin to choose between them. Same dog. 🙂 I used to use them at other times too if I got stuck in thoughts. This time, however, I am prefer to play with personality’s wisdom cards.

Immediately at the first temptation I pulled out one. It was written on it the following: “The true meaning of success is if we overcome  the fears to be successful.” /P. Sweeney/ But who is P. Sweeney, I would have asked the Net, but instead of it,  I was forced to think about the sentence. After all the task exactly was to thinking : what it says to me … what is my advantage if I think about it? Takes me ahead? etc. I had just been engrooseed in myself, when suddenly the doorbell rang. Sharply! I shaken but not opened door, because I didn’t want if anyone can “hang it”  my energy. I accepted that they had repaired the doorbell and that’s all. (The bell is maybe exactly without which you can live smoothly.)

Thirdly, what is if when we got unexpected things. You couldn’t be enough prepared for this. It requires a little  improvisation. I am flexible enough?

These unexpected things doubled my  personal test. Happened that one of the house’s water-pipe has  broken and so had to be closed the water as well. At first it didn’t seemed to be a loser thing, I was busy by the work and thoughts. I had some bottle of drinking-water after all. But working with a snow-white fabric, after a while,I realized that I must to wash my hands… in every half hour. I didn’t know what to do. I had to be washed my hands with mineral water.

While I working, some pictures flashed from the past, when we often lived through this without-water feeling, in another era of an another country. At these times all of people of the zone goes to the aunt B.’s wells. We stood there in long line for a well-water.

Aunt B. had a son. We just called him prince Cs. Cs has drunk a lot. But he was kind with everyone, except with his own mother. When he saw me, he always asked, “can I help you, princess?” I said that I came for wate’ and he helped me to draw water and carry my water bucket too … much has changed since then: the old lady is no longer alive, prince Cs.  not drinking anymore, the water has been less in Earth … Perhaps the princesses didn’t do the good stuff?

Around four o’clock the temptation reappeared again. This time more intensively. Because no matter how much I love my job, I was tired a little and a quick shower would be good as well. I don’t even missed the Net. In fact not missing it at all. But something refreshing cold. I am going to lick an ice-cream! What a luxury is to have ice in the fridge in such a hot day!

Here is the desk where I use to write and think of … the water, the ice and testing my ecodesign creatures.

But now I sat on the balcony. From there is the best sight of the traffic. This gorgeous picture switched me back to the civilization. While I licked the icecream, I had read the packaging’s instructions. I often used to read the packaging’s wrotes. Now, for example, I read that this piece of ice-cream is not to be sold individually…

I realized that while I’m on a Net-diet, so many webs are swishing around me. So, with my 36 hour of Net-diet, the only person who will get in her pocket the prize of self-control-development, will be only me. That was the moment when I decided to share my experiences with others…

… The next temptation pushed me after two hours. The Net disappeared completely from my mind and all I could think of it was the water. I looked out on the balcony and I saw that our strawberries are lying down, fully knocked out, exhausted by the heat. I started to spray them quickly with the remaining water. I realized that while I’m pouring the strawberries, I can wash my hands too. What a smart could be the man in need! The question is, whether this kind of water is good for those strawberries? …  I stopped the watering, I was afraid to give that kind of  water for Nero (our grapes).

This water is my favorite. But when I drink it, – I don’t know why, but – I always thinking of Dracula… and now while I tried to revive our small plantation with that mineral water, I was think about him again.  Maybe he had been drinking the same valley’s same water like me … when he was prison in nearby? Could they gave him water or not at all? How he spent his hours in that cold cell? The tale-bearers says that he had pulled rats on picket, but everybody knows that not this is why he’s  got his famous “Impaler” name…

We were born in the same country. It is also possible that he has washing his hair in rain-water like me. Oh, my God, that’s why we have same curly hair-look?!   After all, it is known that Dracula had more (illegal) descendant of whereof nobody knows which way they are “branched”. But that is an another story…

My God, I though, whether such thoughts are the implication of the Net-diet hours or just the silent brings it out this kind of weird pictures? 🙂 But it is also possible that I got sunstroke staying here in balcony! But really? How does it a codger-man like Dracula spent his time usually?

Completely identified with Dracula’s aka Vlad Tepes’s  loneliness, an ugly cicala jumped on me. With whom I have been struggled for a while. Jumping back to the reality, I am quickly eradicated a few parasites. It has had enough for the poor strawberries this waterless condition! By the way, waterless! I must to switch on my phone, – I thought out – just for few seconds … just to ask my boyfriend to bring water … for tomorrow’s survive… and the surviving is not against of my own rules.


My pale strawberries without “blood”….

It was 6 o’clock in the evening. I have kept that exactly two minutes- talk-promise, and then I was continuing my work.

I can’t tell you how could to be when a really Net-addicted is disconnected from the Web, but when I woke up this morning, I felt an excited good feeling caused by the re join of the Internet today. But after more than 36 hour without Net, the only missing thing was the water.

…  before this 36 hour I looked on my Instagram account, and I read some comments about Net-addiction … and I found this:

I decide that in my next Net-free days  (because will be more of it),  I want to get a map about “no wifi” places.

When I write these rows I am still a No-Net person. And this is the moment when I understand the real meaning  of that sentence which says, who never spent a whole day alone, not even lived in fact. Perhaps it said by Buddha? I don’t know ..

But I can read it immediately on Net. 🙂