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Today is my birthday. I usually don’t make a big deal out of it. Of course, I am glad that I was born, but I’ve never understood why we should celebrate it… Exactly 369 000 babies was born worldwide at the same time with me on that Tuesday.  Mathematically I wasn’t  born on August 19th, but even a year earlier in November 26th.  That day was my real big bumm! And is much more sympathetic day for me. Aaaaaand that is the the official birthday of my godson! 🙂

At the school – if it was someone’s birthday in the classroom – it was customary to bring a cake. I didn’t have to, because my birthday  was always in summer school-break…

Only on my 30-th birthday get my first birthday’s cake. It was ice-cream cake!  I never understood the 18-th birthday’s importance either. I remember exactly about my 18th birthday, because I planned it precisely. In that day I went to my grandmother. Consciously. I picked potatoes all day because no one came to help her.

Today, however, I feel that I deserve to celebrate myself a little bit. Because I deserve it! Today is the birthday of my new webshop: www. ClothChapel.com ! Yeeeee! Hooray! (In the background: falling confetti! :))

Black leaves (760x533)

Great!  In future I ’m going to celebrate it in every year !http://www.clothchapel.com/index.html

P.S. : I know some people who are celebrated of their birthday on this same day. Some of them are simply ordinary people, but there are those who left their mark in history. For example Madame du Barry, Gene Roddenberry, John Deacon, John Stamos, Matthew Perry, Orville Wright, Robert Redford, Malcolm Forbes, Bill Clinton and one of my favorite designer : Coco Chanel.

Happy birthday for every soul born on August 19th!