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When we entered in the castle of the Schossbergers, I couldn’t imagine that our visit is not an ordinary one …

It was just an sudden idea to go there … in spite of this, we went around there for hours. It seemed to be there only two of us. We thought that … at least … until we heard a soft wispering gliding from the corridor. I was just in the Palm House and  Z. was waiting at the narrow passage that leads towards to me, then that sound took a shape(s)!

Two small snow-white dove was appeared next to Z. They were so graceful! But as if Z. wouldn’t be there, they passed by him and turned towad me.


Paralyzed with fear, all that I was able to asked from Z. was … aaaaa “You called them here?” .)

The pigeons were scurried very close to me … Slowly, but my blood returned in to my veins. Gently I pulled out my phone (Z. too), and as these little creatures approached to me, I succeeded to record some pictures of them.


Not only in tales could happen this.


One of the white soul was trying to tell me something, but I understand nothing at all

The castle is beautiful, of course, but these unexpected things happened there made unforgettable to me…

It was so touching , that even several month later my soul “went back” to this place… until I came up with a game with Cinderella…

Why Cinderella? Because somehow she made me think of the gone-by castle’s life. It is true that there is the figure of Sleeping Beauty too, but I really don’t like her so… In addition, Cinderella has done a lot for her own happiness, not just dreaming and waiting for somebody’s kisses! … aaaand, curse or not, I voted for Cinderella because she was never afraid to use her hands for dusty work … And here is the point!

But this time my Cinderella had lost not of her shoes, but her gloves … in a very very hot evening-party… aaaand she loose not just these precious accessories, but a little bit her mind too, because she couln’t remember of the place where that event was … But whatever happens,  she must to find that place. She really need that gloves! Nobody have such an one of a kind gloves like her!


Advertizing over the seven seas that I am looking for a Cinderella

I published it in many ways and as much as I could that I’m looking for Cinderella … I was excited to find her,  she was excited about to get her gloves, and so it went on for months.

Here are some puzzle-piece of my game:


13th puzzle: …stairs bending over the main entrance… goes up to the second floor…


16th puzzle: These basic colors characterized by the whole castle’s walls. This little chubby head is from the lobby, but the Palm House’ colors are same like this.


15th puzzle: There is the sunny Palm House’ coved ceiling. Shown the small bricks from the faded paint.


18th puzzle: I really like this little snippet mural. At first glance I thought an armored arm, but in fact it represents contemporary decorative elements (a column piece) and other engineering tools. I could imagine how lively was in the past.


14th puzzle: It doesn’t seem well, but I saw a contemporary picture of it and this little devil smiles and he is very cute.


6th puzzle: The Palm House where we met with pigeons… there are some stairs at the building’s side which takes you out to the castle’s park.


11th puzzle: Details of Schossberger family’s coat of arm. Above the main entrance, protected by nets. Do you see that lion?


10th puzzle: The trail leads from castle’s park to the old open-air stage surrounding by chunky trees.


Oh, no, no! These are not Cinderella’s gloves! :)) Workers have forgotten there…

etc., etc., ….

…and as true stories use to be, no one was able to answer, however I tried to write and show immense of  information, pictures and videos about castle… Oh, but if I would have started with Angelina Jolie filmed here too !!! Or with “The Secret of Moonacre” scenes ?! 🙂

Once someone (maybe from Japan?) was so close to the right answer, but couldn’t answer precisely the question: “Where is this castle? ” I was sad, but also strict: she wasn’t the real Cinderella.

Until suddenly from nowhere came a rather timid kind of question-answer from a girl named Daiana: “Tura?”


The game’s reminder: upstairs of the Schossberger castle

Yessssss! Daiana, you are the Cinderella! The winner! Congratulation!, I answered her, and I was very very happy. At last I can write a nice tale ending!

…and right in that night I announced that I found Cinderella and finally she found her gloves, which will be sent her by pigeons as soon as possible.

A few days ago, I got this “postcard” from her.


Postcard from Cinderella (alias @daianafolea). She wears little skulls in each of her glove’s fingers.:)

Such a lovely gesture! I like this picture: the styling, the lighting, the shooting, the love. Made by Cinderella herself. She is unique! She wears unique! She’s a really badass! 🙂

p.s.: I loved this game and maybe I will return with an other. If you want to read more about it, please find me at instagram: @albert_csilla (click on the one of the sidebar’s picture)