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unveiled1In that morning my face has got a new contour without any botox. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t noticed anything strange. I went to work as usual, but at noon a monster stared back at me through my monitor mirror. My hole forehead was like the Avatar’s navy rubbery mask … It was if something wanted to come out of my forehead.

People were moving around me slowly all day … they moved like usual used  to move around a hangover girl. I was soooo frustrated by this incomprehensible caution.

Would have been cool if I had a pair of sunglasses, but just someones pathetic sunnies I found in hurry in the property room…  Can you imagine how ridiculous I was walking wearing all day sunglasses? Indoooor !??? Aw! It was so so terrible, but I was afraid to took off it even when I had to go down to the hall for welcome the guests… I must to mention: I wasn’t  hangover ever!

Down to the hall a few weeks-old baby smiled at me. Maybe the babies can see the humans aura, isn’t they?, I thought little relieved.


Can you imagine how ridiculous I was wearing all day sunglasses? Indoooor !???…

  But this feel tooks just a second, because I realized: this little soul heard my voice before we met.  That’s why he smiled so cute at  me. I often talked with her mother  by phone while he was still in her  belly. Now, he recognized me.  That’s all!

 So, babe, you are a  Monsterina  after all …




Nonetheless I worked steadily by the end of the day and tried to avoid the eye-contacts and my colleagues’s  funny remarks : “Hey, babe! Let’s face the true story of your distorted pretty face … you was beat up by your boyfriend, isn’t it? ” blablabla …


In the afternoon I was a fully dressed Avatar figure with narrowed swollen eyes … I have close-ups of my face, but I don’t want to scare anyone

The true is that I slept alone that night …

Fortunately, the guests were so excited due to the casting they came for, that they don’t bothered with my alienlike-face. Or they considered as a part of the show … I don’t know … but I had no time for further explanations …

… The doctor found two barely visible bite-point. Spider, she said. I’ve got a Calcimusc injection (+a recipe that I never used) and a deeply suggestion of using of the vaccum cleaner. I told her that I’m an obsessive cleaniness-addict person, but I can’t hurt the spiders – although now I know that they have the ability to settle off the face of any human ….

But  – of course – I was absolutelly curious. Who was that  Offender and how does it look like?



I wonder who was the offender and how does he/she look like?


When I got home, there was not much light in the room. First, I examined the mattress on which I slept the night before. Then I divided the ground into smaller districts. I slowly checked everything. But nothere a spider. Even a single bug.

I stopped in front of the bookshelves and lay down deep to the floor. I lighted up each corner with my phone …

Suddenly I saw a tiny, almost transparent something running in hurry away from me. It was soooo fragile that suddenly becomes ridiculous how I imagined it before. It isn’t a Monster, I  smiled and caught him up with a glass. He was sooo tiny and scared. Oh, little boy/girl!

I put him under the magnifying glass. I google it. Based on his figure, I found a good website for details – http://department.monm.edu/biology/recluse-project/identify.htm – …. They has as signature a small, dark violin on the front half of the body. Also the hairless legs and the uniform color elsewhere on the body. They’re really pretty dull looking. Brown recluses have only very fine hairs that are invisible to the naked eye. Also, they are truly reclusive and so are not often seen. That’s why is interesting how I could met with one of them. And also it is hard to understand how it managed to bite throught my skin (twice!). Usually they couldn’t  bite throught the humans…

A brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) from the cross spiders family? Hm…

I don’t know how it happened in that night and how this little spider was able to bite me, but I’ll wear that sign forever on my face. However, I don’t care. It’s just a little spot.img_0256

A few month later of these happens, I started to crochet. First  time in my life! And I am learned it very quickly. It is amazing feeling!

Here is my first creation: a modern-renaissance lace collar made by me.

When you are in hurry, but have no time to change your #officelook, but want to arrive in time on evening party. Furtunately this little #collar fits perfect for that event and it is so small that you easily can take in your bag.

Since then I opened my first e-shop: the Crochetedbride (ClothChapel) full of vintage-look modern bohemian accessories and frilly dresses.

Here it is:

http://www.clothchapel.com >>>> Link >>>> Crochetedbride :



p.s.: Sometimes I wish if I have more arms. :))))