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Tiny angel legs crossed trought the water, get onto blue boats waiting until the ice thaw on the track of their steps. Then they’ll launch on the river to bring spring to the whole world …

…. when some of my colleagues passing by my always-open office door, they staring at me a little bit confused didn’t knowing why I am talking by myself. The true is there was a little big blue eyed girl under my table. The funniest soul that I ever met!

We have wonderful time together. Once I ask her to be so good and stay in silent while I’ll lead a live Tv-game. I have nobody to take care of her at that time-gap … and that little angel follows me in silent to the next door when we entered in that nobody-nowhere room. Just me and she and that little room with green box and funny lights.
She sat down on a chair and with her “wow, what will happens here? ” -smile looked at me all the time. I was a little bit wired if she will ask me something as was her custom, but she remained in silent by all that half an hour! Even if I laughed with somebody who speaks thro’ that black hole!

It was a exiting, but wonderful 30 minutes!

When I told her, the game is over, she went to that sound-source, stood before the apparat and shouted in : “Each of you were very cleeeeever! ” :)) She was so cute, I picked up her in my arms. ” You was the cleverest! You are my winner!” I said.




… working on this aqua-blue newborn socks, I got few pictures from my 16yrs old niece. I just wonder and wonder … I just want to pick up her again.
I tried to do last time when I visited her, but I couldn’t … 🙂 When – in exchange – she suddenly picked me up so easily. I’m scared a little. Not by her strenght, she is a rider and I’m an weightless woman, but by the time…

If the proudness counts, she would never lift me! .)