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In era of perfect imperfection everybody want to be like nobody else: unique, irreplacable, unforgettable, somebody whom everyone wants to follow, leader with strong innerstyle … so there are many leaders, preachers, influencers, team bosses dictating the daily ruotine.

I just wonder if really exist people who can’t live without telling them what is right or what is wrong?

But why we need leaders to follow and ‘manage’ our everyday life?

I order to understand this social-media-trend-hashtags-craziness, I gathered my monthly personal Instagram guides which helps me to find the answer(s) and my way. Every day I have got an ‘underlined’ explication, enrolled them after each under the daily picture-post (made almost by me).


 March 27 / Start of a new week/

  • albert_csilla The best way to start a new week is to think about sweetescape! Tag someone you love 🍸🌴🌵🌊💤

    Bighat /for S a l e/: ClothChapel ⤴

The truetrue of this flatlay:

I wanted to know who is dare enough to wear such a large flanged bighat (handmade by me ) with funny blue ants around! :))) Is there any real trendsetter here!?

p.s.: despite the fact that people received my post with enthusiasm, no trendsetter was amongst them … Little bit disappointed, I tried to boost myself working on my other projects. 🙂


March 31 / Short insta-write from me /

  • albert_csilla Working on this lacy #fingerlessgloves , I ‘m still obsessed by the story of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ we saw last weekend with my only lovely niece and Z. (Mon Sir 💋)
    Enjoy the little things and don’t be affraid to be different! 💫

The truetrue about this flatlay’s births effected by a highbrow creative girl from Instagram named Daiana (I had wrote about her before: @daianafolea):

That day was a very windy one. Since there was not enough natural light in the room, I was forced to go out onto the balcony. There was so much wind blowing that I could hardly make this picture. When I had begun the whole arrange for a hundred time, I became terribly angry !!! I would have  to sweep down everything from table like a storm, but instead I just started crying prayed loudly that the wind not blow away my flower’s tiny petals. One of my tear drops blurring the black of the photo toner… and, aw, the photo has become unusable.  I must to use this – test – picture made before that drop …

p. s: the picture in picture shows my other work of million love-hooks. That’s actually my oeuvre. 🙂


April 1 / The unexpected /

  • albert_csilla Unexpected sunday evening / I n v i t a t i o n /
    Dress: C l o t h C h a p e l ⤴▶Crochetedbride shop ✉

That’s a closer view of my crocheted dress and the trutrue about this flatlay:

That’s so long long story…  I could to write pages about how, when, why … with such sentences like: ‘I don’t know the reason why I start to crochet … something veiled … not clear, but loooove and passion … slowfashion, and, yes struggle, tears and happiness.’

p.s. : However many times I don’t think so, I’m blessed. 🙂


April 3 / Monday, in chase of colorful feelings/

  • albert_csilla I love the Monday afternoon’s newshade huntings! 💗🎨🍹🍦🐜🍥🌸
    Hat for sale: C l o t h C h a p e l ⤴

The truetrue of this flatlay:

Here I was curious about how people react if I put black sunglasses instead of light pink and hiding the blue ant.

Reaction: 21 less likes. Funny game! .)


April 3 / Drawing a reminder for my followers /

  • albert_csilla I don’t know how your day was, but anyway, ‘You are pure’ ! 💫

I don't know how your day was, but anyway, 'You are pure' ! 💫 . . #angel #dailyreminder #pure #love #relax #embraceyourselft #keepitsimple #yourstyle #trendsetters #handdrawntype #notetoself #personaldevelopment #selflove #confidence #goodwords #followyourheart #minimalstyle #pink #innerstyle #goodvibes #responsable #mindset #dailylife #essentials #lovequotes #letterstoliveby #styleguide

The truetrue of this sentence: is that’s the P U R E true!

p.s.: That is a reminder wrote a little bit for myself and the purity of my works (that double pink C refers of ClothChapel) 🙂

April 7 / Work, work, happiness /

  • albert_csilla Working on this blush pink, suddenly I realized how this fluffy cacti grows this week! Take a breath and enjoy the little things! Have a nice weekend everyone! 🍃🌸🌵🌳🌱🌷

The true true of this moment:

I realized how hard is to made slowfashion …

p.s.: but I am strong and I never give up! This cacti show me how effortless is to grow beauty .)

April 8 / Weekend, but I don’t like it /

  • albert_csilla I am actually invited for a party, but I don’t know if … XOXO💋 or NO❌. Have you ever feel so? 👧👻🙆 💤💨 💫💄💫 💋 p.s. : here I try to draw the answer … 🙅

I am actually invited for a party, but I don't know if ... XOXO💋 or NO❌. Have you ever feel so? 👧👻🙆 💤💨 💫💄💫 💋p.s. : here I try to draw the answer ... 🙅 . . #lips #lipstick #lipcolor #blushpink #lipbalm #makeup #newshades #blush #blushpink #shoelove #lovepink #mules #shoeporn #fluffy #heels #heelsfashion #shoestyle #partytime #sweetescape #summerready #spotted #xoxo💋 #eveningmood #sketchbook #digitaldrawing #lifestyle #relax #notetoself #inspireme #love #deserve

The truetrue about my mood of that weekend:

I admire how people should relax when they are full of thoughts. Now I’m the pest of this kind of games. I really thinking of to go out on that party, but I just want to ticked out it …  I don’t need guide to decide why should I go.

p.s.: So the answer was: NO! :)))

April 9 / My ‘after-party’ thoughts/

  • albert_csilla There is no better in Sundays than eat chocolate, buy thin polka dot socks and spell aloud one of the sexiest word of all like ‘chandelier’.

    Chandelier earrings/ For  s  a l e / ClothChapel ⤴▶Crochetedbride shop

The truetrue of this flatlay:

I moon away two hours on this, until my half back sunburned down and I wasn’t satisfied with this result either … (Aw! Moreover my back looks very funny. It looks like I had sunbathed in a queer two-strap-on-one-shoulder top. Aw! Aw! )

p.s.: I should’ve gone to that party after all! :))))

April 10 / the right directions /

  • albert_csilla How could be a tipical Monday bracelet?📒💡➡♻➡🚩〰👑🔝✅
    Wish you a Monday full of right directions! ↪❤

The truetrue of this situation:

Thinking of my weird sunbathed back and the IFs and ORs, I realized I not perfect in making right decisions, but this bracelet made by me is a little part of slowfashion anyway.

p.s.: I feel I need a leader! 🙂


April 12  / How a leader can be? /

  • albert_csilla I had no time to wash my hair, ’cause I ‘m in middle of colorhunting-game! 😜
    No, it’s not really true!  I just concentrate on bowling here …🔴🔵⚪⚫ I’m a lion, playing is essential. Also with colors. But black & white is on 🔝for me 🔱🔝

    I had no time to wash my hair, 'cause I 'm in middle of colorhunting-game! 😜 No, it's not really true!  I just concentrate on bowling here ...🔴🔵⚪⚫ I'm a lion, playing is essential. Also with colors. But black & white is on 🔝for me 🔱🔝 . #hi #itsme #selfknowledge #coloursplash #colors #colorful #colorsplurge #summercolors #myhaircrush #lion #voiceofhair #cachos #heathyhairjourney #liketkit #preppy #monochrome #monochromephotography #blackandwhitephotography #fashiongirls #blackoutfit #vibrant #bright #beautifulcolors #camouflage #styled #comfy #trendsetter #dress #styleguide #fashionforwardThe true true of this picture:

Thinking of how can a leader be, I summed up few things:

  • First of all they are honest!
  • Their appearance is clear and in consonance with their inner style. They are spontaneous, easily stands in front of camera. (But I don’t know if each of them loves to made selfies … )
  • They not just preaching, but working hard always inspiring others
  • They are helpful and cheerful, playful, creatives
  • They thinking globally, but they have excellent analytical capabilities, showing up the critical point of matters
  • They always find a solution
  • They always stand corrected their mistakes
  • They know their own weaknesses
  • They’ll come back from hell to repair something
  • Always stands up!
  • Amazing people. I love them! .)

p.s. : I’m not selfie woman, but I must to present myself somehow to my followers even if they are just few!

So, here is an not right recent, but really spontaneous picture made at my godson’s birthday party playing bowling. (boosted with my creative brush-lines)

In addition: This hair is very messy! Aw, I left my comfort-zone! :)))


April 12  / That’s me /

albert_csilla Sometimes I’m pinky. 🍥🍨👩💌 🌸
Gloves for sale: ClothChapel ⤴ ▶Crochetedbride shop ✉

The trutrue of this picture:

Milion hooks made by me and picture made by my boyfriend. He isn’t a professional photographer and the fashion is neither his field. But this is THAT picture why this glove was sold at first time. (in a film about silly Chanel girls :))))

p.s.: That’s why it has become my AVATAR . Best CHOICE ever! .)


April 18 / The new life /

  • albert_csilla Best decor: new L i f e ! 🍃 🌱

    The truetrue: no needs comment


April 21 / / What is fashionable today? /

  • albert_csilla Straight from a time machine.⌛

    Neckwear for sale: ClothChapel ⤴▶ Crochetedbride shop 🔘
    If you feel too girly, mix it with some modern (masculine/classic) stuff like tailored pants/ jackets, tops, loafers, mules,  etc. Find whatever you are into.💋

The truetrue about this:

I can’t really explain why this piece is different. I want to believe, peoples are as curious as me about rare old techniques wearing one-of-a-kind pieces in their everydays outfits … and they visit my pages for shopping.

p.s.: Less plastic, true love! 🙂



April 21 / Let’s play with pictures /

  • albert_csilla Do you know the modern version of your old soul? 💅
    Neckwear for sale: ClothChapel ⤴ ▶Crochetedbride shop 🔘

The truetrue of this picture:

I don’t know who this girl is, but I found this poster throwing out after our neighbor was moved on. I heard she was a fashion-blogger. A leader one! What a pitty we never really met …

The necklace I offered here is the same presented a day before, but this got less likes than the older one. Interesting experiment!

p.s.: I must to learn a lot yet! … and talking more with neighbors 🙂



April 22 / Following my heart /

  • albert_csilla/I n f l u e n c e r / 👀👅💚👂
    The critical builder of your relationships and lifestyle. The best guide! ➡❤💫

    p.s.: I know you know that. This is just a #reminder if you are in debt.

    ⚠ #followyourheart

/I n f l u e n c e r / 👀👅💚👂 The critical builder of your relationships and lifestyle. The best guide! ➡❤💫 p.s.: I know you know that. This is just a #reminder if you are in debt. ⚠#followyourheart . #positivevibes #pure #love #innerstyle #wiw #trendsetter #styleguide #notetoself #goodwords #minimal #goodvibes #theartofslowliving #fashiongilrs #inspireme #feelfreefeed #slowfashion #pink #green #colorsplash #nothingisordinary #aquietstyle #goodenergy #essentials #authentic #artlove #colorsplurge #lettering #letterstoliveby

The truetrue behind:

That’s a no comment-write again, I think …

p.s.: I know my influencer! (?) .)

April 28 / Mr. Green Hearty right on my table /

  • albert_csilla Hey, green dude! I can’t give you coffee… But a kiss and water! 💋☁⛅
    p.s.: G. Hearty has now 6 hearts! Well done! 😙👌

    Handmade apparels for sale ➡www.clothchapel.com

… and the truetrue behind this:

Little bit in doubt if I am too much, working in so many thing in same time, I don’t know if people understand me …  or believe me.

p.s. : Darn! The doubst! They are such a unpredictable leaders! How great is Mr. Green Heart exist for me showing again faith in grow! 🙂



April 28 / No more work, but kiss & roses /

The truetrue behind of this quick picture:

Here I tried to relax my thoughts concentrating on love, love , love. …

p.s.: L o v e


May 1 / A quiet style / 

The truetrue of this picture:

This blue painting is one of my recent work. (yes, I use to paint sometimes), but I have no time for finish. Until then gladly use it for my flatlay’s background, specially when I post about works laying on my table. … the face is part of an another project … I like to play with them.

p.s.: Fashion is a funny game. 🙂


May 1 / My romantic urban safari/

albert_csilla My romantic urban safari. 💋🐆🐾
Get your gloves from: http://www.clothchapel.com ☝ ➡Crochetedbride shop

The truetrue of this picture:

Glove made me and a photoshoot made again by my boyfriend. The place could be familiar for film-makers or fan of many films like the ‘Mars’.  (More popular than my gloves at moment! :))))

p.s.: There are so many wonders in this universe! 🙂


May 3 / The roots /

  • albert_csilla I just wonder this little ivy always haves a new idea … 💫 I used it first a month ago for a picture and I couldn’t throw away. So I simply put it in water. Now it has many roots and some new leaves.

    The best idea ever! 👌🍃 Find your roots!

The truetrue: no words …

p.s.: I must to find my roots …


May 5 / Me  and the bright lights /

  • albert_csilla Who loves the Bright Lights (Beta Vulgaris)?

    p.s. : one more point for that fucsia pink! 💞

The truetrue:

Closer to myself and in a good way to love this vibrant fuchsia-pink.

p.s.: L o v e

Does we need leaders whom to follow? Yes, we need! And, no, we needn’t!

Sometimes I feel the a strong absence of a mentor.  I need mentor! Everybody needs. But I haven’t. The only thing I can do, work on my feelings and thoughts ( writing short monthly resume like this here:)  in order to find the best leader on me:

m y s e l f.

With love,