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Searching for a good place for photo-shooting of this little white eco-smart bracelet wearing below, I realized how difficult is to find a really perfect place to express more than a stuff.



I found this rock for expressing the natural, but strong texture of this crocheted bracelet and the pure way of slowfashion.

If you are a fashion-blogger, I’ m pretty sure you have a couple of places where you are crazy in looove to take pictures. Here are some of which inspires me a lot searching after new cool places.


  • The S t a i r s

Who has no taken a photos on/next/near/under… stairways? Stairs are usually so neutrals that every street-style goes well with them.  Look at these cuties!

Next the Stairs

Even if the whole picture is almost gray, it’s so good to look at it. The stair seems quite old and rusty, but the smile of this model (Nina Schwichtenberg) and that amaranth red floral print on her pants are enough to bright up the whole style of this picture. Bookmarked by alb_fashionaire (Instagram)

Shoes Glam radar

Waiting-pose on little industrial stairs which are effective to highlight any fashionable street styles, like these boots. Capture from Glam Radar.

Emili Sindlev

Sitting on stairs in front of a no-style office(?)-door is the most simple way to show three  – equally-important-to-show stuff – on you. This is Emili Sindlev style!

There are limitless examples, but I think the stairs fits for everyone. .)


  • The Ruined W a l l s

Tonya Smith and her style from www.themoptop.com

This picture is almost monochrome, but that simple t-shirt with red letters strikes this old-fashioned ‘postcard’.



Here is another fave-picture of mine. Oh, these ruined walls!

Blackberry-yoghurt-like patch composed between old greens!

Daiana and the runed walls

Who doesn’t like this free feeling!? I’m sooo glad that this kind of walls goes strong in fashion nowadays. (The model and stylist is Daiana Folea. You might love her Instagram page full of amazing pictures like this here. (And if you allow me a mention, she is also the Masterina of the perfect flatlays !)


What can I say? She is Fashionella, the pretty queen of funny walls. .)))


  • G a r d e n s  &  B o t a n i c a l s

Moptop 2

Wonderland from themoptop. Again bc I like it! .)

I think this kind of organized ‘jungle’ is the most perfect place for photo-shooting a white dress. I love the trick of matching the colors of the model’s (Tonya Smith) hair with her shoes and the rusty power of that plant in the background. Lol! .)


black and white green

I’m not the fan of manipulating photos, but I like this expressive urban-garden, the  result of a photoshop made by Shahriar.



  • C o r n e r s
Happygrey corner

I think this picture is well-known by most of us who loves Mary Seng style.  In spite of this is a wall-corner made by concrete, all textures looks like to be velvet giving smooth feeling to the whole picture. How smart could a simple background to be! .)



  • S t r a n g e places
Henry Evia sitting on front of windows

He is Henry Evia from Henevia sitting in front of a large window highlighting his black hat and pale face. Incredibly amazing!

Mention: This kind of arched windows as the old green doors have special place deep in my heart.

Henvia on carousel

Henry Evia bc I like this strange childish atmosphere. More picture of this feeling.


p.s.: So the background is always  significant part of a good styling. Don’t mind the time to find the perfect one.

With L o v e,