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I read in many forums about ‘tricks of how to be a morning person’, but I think this is completely impossible. We can’t replace our nature and genes (yet)!

Everyone has a specific activity curve that we can hardly change it. If you are ‘night owl’ person like me, you know exactly how our mornings are …

Based on the observation of the chrono-biologist Till Roenneberg, ‘night owls’ forced to arise earlier then their rhythm dictates, they have a low body temperature and may require a few hours to feel really awake…

Living between morning persons (‘larks’) you can do some small changes to “accelerate” your natural biology-rhythm getting in same line with the ‘early birds’. But don’t forget: if you force it to be completely  “lark”, your body will revenge it in many nasty ways !!!

Here are my trifles that  – I think – every ‘owl person’ can do easily without any extra energy.


  • In the evenings / Before mornings

prepare all the clothes and stuffs  you need in the mornings when you are forced to the get up early.


  • In the evenings / Before mornings

prepare a fresh washed lemon in fridge, a clean glass and pure water. (This thoroughness seems to be ridiculous, but all ‘owl’ person knows it how important are this small details.)


  • Awaked but still in bed / Stretch up

is natural and prepares the body for biggest movement. The experts say that after awakening wait at least 10 minutes with stretch up to avoid any damage of the disc.


  • Drink

slowly a fresh water with twisted lemon juice to awake and say good morning to your body. (Leave the coffee more later!)


  • Dress up

in your prepared clothes you allow your mind an extra calm for thinking of beautiful things like your make up, your dapper tie or the color of your scarf smoothing on you neck.


  • To do list

prepared in evenings will brighten up your mornings. Stay motivated! The creatively prepared things bring over the evening’s energy also in your mornings. Start with the hardest but with smile in your soul! 🙂

  • P.S.
Every small change need time to be natural part of your whole daily/morning routine. 21 day at least!

I hope these few step-trick helps you on your wake ups. Let me know what are your ‘get up’ tricks.

Good mornings!