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Watched me as I work day by day, – after 2 years – my little one hearted cactus suddenly decided to grow three new little hearts. Hey, dude! That’s a great job!
Those was my notes of 23th december 2016 …

I’ve been working for a while on this pink top, but I made a looot of mistakes.

Just for the sake of illustration, here is one of my mistakes. I don’t understand why I record this all on? Maybe because sometimes humor can help … but here is the link if you want to watch how to tear down the weeks work just in few minutes.

Anyway, it’s a good lesson if I spoil something again.
’ If things goes wrong, play it all in reverse! (or get a magic wand!) 😊))’ – I thought.
But nobody thinks I’m Buddha!  I was angry, of course.


After a while, I received my mistakes with great calmness and great routine, and despite the fact that I slipped through all the deadlines, I had complete peace of mind.

Suddenly something magic happened. Under the leaves deeply hidden, small flower-buds appeared! White ones!

How cute! How splendid! We never have any flowers blooming here!

20170629_100744 (2)
If I didn’t turn the pot, I would never have seen them.

I’m not so superstitious, but I deeply believe that the living creatures around us are able to absorb our mood … Everyone believes in what s(h)e wants, but for me, this is one of the most beautiful lessons in my life.
And there is more! As these little buds opened their ‘eyes’, changed their color to exactly the same color as the top I worked on.


I just watched them without words …
… and I finally finished the top. I’m happy and I hope, I’ll find the happy owner of this special piece.

If you would be interested in this pink top or you just want to look at it, here’s a link to my shop


Wear L o v e,