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This post is not about spying or something related. :—-) It’s about the trust, fashion and quality.



Even it could be interesting if we (girls) would have some stuff which would helps us to reveal information about our boyfriends, but – believe me – what needed to be revealed will be revealed soon or later.

Trust is necessary not just in field of love, but also of luxury and quality.

When I invented my first bracelet I gave it for my boyfriend. With love and for testing of love and trust.

It was a very simply stripy blue bracelet I made by very thin yarn. Destinated for everydays wear. Here is the first picture about it:


Zé bracelet

stripy stripy ZÉ bracelet’s 🙂


… and H e worn it days and nights, summer and winter, cold and hot, into the salt water of seven seas, dipping it in all sort of mud … You know how the b o y s are!  .-)) –

It was there at Haiti’s ruins, deep in Cambodian jungles, scattered in sand of Africa, looking for Luxor’s hidden treasuries in Valley of Kings … so it knows a lot about my boyfriend and about world …


Turning know more than 3 years the bracelet still looks great and H e still wear it with love …

That is the T R U S T.

with LOVe,


p.s.: Now He’s got an other bracelet. So comfy that he want to wear it day and night.:)))


This is a very unique one. I don’t want to make any similar bracelet anymore, but the Zé bracelets are very popular and are available also for costumers. Each of them has some tiny tricks that makes it different from the others!

Available here:

Crochetedbride (ClothChapel shop)

or here:



Aw, I forget it! If you follow my Instagram account you can win  a couple bracelet. Details here: