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Not the right time to introduce my antique-gold dude, Tulip, but it’s the perfect moment for commemorate all of our abilities and energies which we inherited from our ancestors. … Take a few silent minutes to figure it out them … tastes, hints, perseptions, stories.

About Tulip.

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I don’t know who sent the idea of T. to me, but whoever the sender was, it was good to send It. I love T. so much. Maybe because It’s so precise (it’s a  kind of Japanese attitude, I think .)), energetic and sophisticated…. and we spent many hours learning from each other…

In the begining I don’t really found the right rythm with T. and I had got many blooded lessons. My fingers were full of holes and wounds… But I’ve forgotten this for long, of course, and now we’re inseparable for almost 4 years.

(Believe me, not all of golden souls are so kind! Once one of them hooked right into the middle of my left palm … It was horrible! …, but very funny in same time while I walked in the hospital’s hallway with a hanging hooker in my hand … :#)

But T. never hurt me. Tulip is wonderful.

I  just thinking about counting all the anchored miles that T. did, but that’s seems to be endless. Anyway, I have all the ‘consumed’ spool of threads and once I ‘ll going to count it all.

But let me introduce Tulip, while relaxing between some of Its works. (There are just aprox. 0,001 % of products made by T.)

I know Tulip (like Its name) is a kind of ooold soul, but I don’t want to avoid It just because the world isn’t understand clear the nice messages of It.


/ The p.s. story /

Once I had a terrible dream.

A well-know person (not alive) entered in our room, looked around, but said nothing. Suddenly she turned to my dear T., picked It up from table and bended It’s hooked-head with her bare hands!!!

Uhhh …

I shouted at her with my whole energy like a lion: ‘Get out heeere!’ , but she turned to me very calmly…


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I still hear her thoughts clearly …: ‘Underlay that robe with black, please!’ and she pointed to the wedding dress in a room’s corner, I worked with at that time…

‘With black? ‘ – I thinked in myself with anger ‘What a hell you think about yourself !?’
‘Yes. With black. I will return for it. ‘ (how she heard me?)
‘You?! You’re too old for a marriage’, I noticed just to myself contemptuously.
‘So what? ‘ she ‘said’ and walked away …

I woke up with tears on my pillow and jumped right to that little table where I left T. in previous day. T. was in safe, but we sold the table … and I hide that bridal dress deep inside a drawer. hehe:)

I’m not a fun of horrible stories, but let me know if you have one … or more. Share them all or just write it down to yourself. The dreams are useful.