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Here I just want to give my readers a ‘splash’ about what I am doing.

Everybody talking about a fast-fashion, slowfashion, ecofashion, blue-fashion! Hey, there are just ONE fashion: a good one with clear steps!

I can’t imagine – because it is still unnatural habit – as someone who fell in love with a dress, hang it back just because it was made no ethically. (+ the low prices of some plastic-fashion industry also strengthen its position … !!! )

A good fashion is comfy,  wearable, long-lasting, a basic,  made as ethically way as it is possible. Yeah, the world would be a paradise if everybody could wear  blue-fashion with the least polluted fashion-methods … But – no matter how reckless we are – I wish the world the best, so I try to do my best: I use my own hands to design and creat my clear-fashion and with the deep intention of winning the love of the lot of people.

Here are some how-to-wear from my newest Chapelers:





Minimal-style bracelet for comfy everyday




p.s.: as you can see, I don’t judge anybody for wearing fast-fashion brands stuffs. I’m with the ‘do your best’ attitude. Find your style it ‘s okay, but/then add a little ethically-made detail as if possible.

Let your soul comes in fashion.

with love,