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Approaching the end of the year we start to count the time … and everyone is counting differently.

For me Mr. Green Hearty is a kind of coach and a time-counter in same time. He marks every miles I’ve made.

Everything started in September 2016 when He suddenly start to grow a new heart-leaves … I thought, He is a kind of single-hearted cactus. He showed this face for almost three years. But then something happened with His vibes …

I was just busy with a small movie. Full of energy I received from a nice people I never met …

I used Mr. Green for this little movie. Here it is!Β  Mr. Green featured by Mr. Green. πŸ™‚


I watered Him carefully, just like all of my flowers, putting new soil if needed …,Β  but I didn’t look at Him closely. Since that day then I ‘used’ Him in the movie showed above.

And then, when I turned His pot, I was surprised to see an itty-bittyΒ  new ‘heart’. Oh, I thought, how tricky You are!Β  It was so cute feeling and I was so happy.

In response to my enthusiasm, He showed me a new and newer leaves …


From the first heart-leaves until when He was so much aligned with my energies so brought the same blush pink color of flowers (the only bouquet we ever had flourished here! ) like the halter-top I was working on, I’ve already written in one of my previous post


20170629_140828 (2)


Now Mr. Green H. has exactly 11 leaves! All His summer flowers has gone … except this itty-bitty dead one ‘drop’ here next to that little arrow for which He insisted for some reason … 😦



… until this (cyber) Monday, when He finally let it gone …

As if He had just said:

‘Let what goes gone.

Listen to signs and leave space for something new!’

20171128_125515 (2)




So I start to doodle this. πŸ™‚