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It is 24 March …
and believe or not, but I had no time to say ’Hi’ to you.
So sorry.
(That’s happen when you run an one-person-business … okay, sometimes one and half. .)
But the furtune in whole is that I can leave here this message for you now.
I hope you are ALL happy and full of new goals and amazing wishlist(s) settled or reloaded at the beginning of this year. I wish you to achieve them all!
I can’t apologize enough for this very late post, but I have a little gift for you on my site. Just pop over here and read the message on top:


Spell your Wishlist

Share it, post it, love it. ( I intend to expand this collection as often as I can. )


Also happy to announce that today I opened a new shelf named ’Your Wall’ for all those whom wish to express their passion for fashion.
Here it is my firts ’darling’ with ’I have permission for black’ title. Hehe.

I have permission for black_1


p.s.: Spell your wishlist loud!
I hope to hear from you.