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‘There are times when in order to keep ourselves in existence at all, we simply have to sit back for a while and do nothing’ – said by Thomas Merton and nicely call our attention again to this true by Arriana Huffinton, I found by reading all kind of things today …

‘Do nothing’ is one of the best things you can add to your to-do list. – she wrote in her capture.

So true.



but, I think, these thoughts only work if you yourself are turned on ‘do nothing’ mode.

anyway its true.

But  how can I do nothing?

i’ll try it today. somehow.

I already know what I will going to do in order to ‘do nothing’!

I always do something when I do nothing. Automatic things which doesn’t need many attention as like washing the dishes, cleaning a shelf … useful things that I can resolve in 5-10 minutes. (I have special theory about 5-small-thing-to-resolve-per-day actions!

Being always engaged in something, creating accurate stuffs step by step, millimeter by millimeter, for me the ‘stop and smell the roses’ mode is … not easy.

Trying to DO NOTHING, today I organized my shops virtual shelves. New items, new search, new photos, etc. Amusing things, but still is not the BIG NOTHING.

So I tried to doodle my thoughts. What color has the nothing? How can I describe?

Here is my answer. nothing is almost WHITE.

after several days …

even my intention was to give you some informative thought about how I find my ‘do nothing’, I found myself doodling and doodling. That’s my do nothing.

try it. anywhere. anytime. (you know how boring some meetings are !

But …

in the end maybe you’ll find yourself doing something beautiful.

Do n(o/a) thing.

These are some ‘do nothings’ of mine. Postcard, artprints , illustrations …

Some of them are for sale. 😉




more on my site here: www.clothchapel.com

p.s.: write me how do you do your ‘do nothing’. It is so difficult for you too?