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Could you guess the number of the team-stuff which has worked on a photo?

I couldn’t.

As many of small businesses with low budget, not everyone can afford to pay day by day for expressive models, but there are some creative solutions which can help you to be up-to-date with your products and by which you can show your stories and activities to your audience.

Flatlays, still lifes, moody pictures

Not easy to catch the best light and taste. Not at all! But with patience and by time you can arrange your products in a very advanced form. The secret is to play often!


Mirrors are extremly useful in any perspective. Not just for selfies, but for presenting the other side of the products in same picture. Very funny method, but requires very sophisticated sense of style. (I’m still not good at this yet. I have to going to expand my knowledge —)

When you are your own model

It is well-known fact that folks are better buying off products which are presented by models. But what do you do if you can’t afford it yet?

Not a big deal until one of your hands is free. Here is again an example while I took a photo of my style and fringed bracelet using my left hand and a selfie-stick:

Patience and practice is the clue.  Just practice and upgrade you knowledge and skills day by day using different products as like scarves, hat, bracelet or any accessory which can be easily photographed by you while you wear them.



in mirror


But the product like tops and dresses are difficult to present without models.

Fortunately many of phones can be set to do photos commended by voice. This method is very funny, but it requires a lot of patience and energy.

Here is one of my self-photo made by my phone used voice-command:


The phone’s back-camera’s view aren’t so sharp … and many photos must to be done while you’ll be satisfied, but be patient and practice.

… and, yes, there is when you are so lucky as you attract cute creative souls, who will surprize you with breathtaking flat lays, like this below, made by Daiana Folea.

That is a good example for how to manage easily a cooperation, even if you don’t live in same countries. Thanks to the God and Net!

I couldn’t recommend enough her works for creative cooperation! Find Daiana’s works here:


Her works are very moody and inspirational, and she is a smart content creator as well.


Welcome to all the mistakes and share your tricks with those who are in a similar footstep.

with love,