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How often do you listen to your feelings?
today I sat down to the computer because I wanted to sell some stuff from the wardrobe. I found a site that looks like a sympathetic one, but I didn’t even know how to sign up because it doesn’t allows me … Not at all!  As I searched for further sites with the right sales interface, a link leads me right here to WordPress ….

‘Hm’ … I wonder. ‘Maybe I forgot to quit last time when I used it? … (even I’m the soul who always logging out from the currently used sites.) That’s an interesting IDontknowCase.

in the corner of my site the well-known orange ring indicates me that I got a comment or notice.

This one:



So in this funny way I received the message that my ClothChapel blog-site now is three years old. I was quite surprised!

I’m not a typical blogger who writes on a regular basis, so I can’t help with any cool advise, but now I can tell you this little ‘story’ of how to write a blog without you want to write a blog.  Just try to to deal with something else and let your brain and hand driving you. Your feelings will leads you to the solution. Just try it.

I thank you for flying with me. I can’t give you anything more in return just than those vibes I’ve got from the Universe few moments ago:  listen to your intuitions and let them open new links for you, as like the trees which can’t seen where their roots are moving, but the trust creeps them into the good medium. The signs are always clear.

DSCN4366This lovely meditative picture was made by Zsófia P. Steiner with love.

P.S. / You know the rule. Don’t force that which doesn’t works. It’s not a coincidence. Wait for the right time.