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… as the days turn gray, we all feel that every weak sunlight is so precious to us. Our instincts dictate that we have to steal some blue and sand and calm and cozy things from the last days of sunshine, it is time to catch the ultima light and preserve them in something that will follow us in every darker day, until the sunshine appears again with all its delightful power to embrace us and say ‘Hi dear’ in the next spring.

Now I offer you a really cute game to survive the darker times.

You have to do nothing, just Read, Answer the 2 questions and Win. 

Some month ago I launched a blue game on ClothChapel Instagram site. It is very easy and still open.



  • Be ClothChapel follower on Instagram
  • find the picture of blue couple bracelets amongst the ClothChapel Instagram pic. posts


  • return here
  • read the ClothChapel articles

because one of them includes the key of your perfect answer


  • turn again on ClothChapel Instagram account and be the first who answer the 2 question in a one single comment (under the pic of blue couple bracelet)

You will get the ClothChapel couple bracelet made specially for you.


Playing alone or in couple, I really hope you will enjoy it.

let the blue be with you,


Cs’lla from ClothChapel