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Believe or not, but creating this small pair of gloves (don’t try to count the the milimeters! :)) was much more easy for me than catching the glove’s hue and theshine of these tiny in same time …


Because of the perfect lighting and – maybe – the lock of my photographer skills.

Soft pink and shiny beads in the midnight lights

This pale pink hue being my favorit from the all pink colors I really love (but I’m not a pink woman), and that’s why I didn’t gave up this ‘catch the light’ kind of game …

too much light kills the pale pink hue
playin’ with lights and styling

The key is in balance: enough light for bead shine, but not too much for hue

an other day, other lighting …

By folding the gloves isn’t show the airy texture of the gloves.

I’ve tried so many types of light that I can’t even write it down. I tried to catch the mornings chilly light and then the warmer lights later, … filtered light in the shadows, the harder daylights, the afternoon’s golden light, … and – of course – styling the gloves into many of the artificial lights also.

the beads can’t glow in one time without strong spotlight …

It was a really loooong game … I don’t want to summ you how many photos I had taken but I couldn’t catch the way of beads to glow at one time …

day x: by changing the color of layers and adding some contrast around, I have got this

And after a thousand years … in a beautiful morning I decided to be satisfied with what I learned.


Perfect things isn’t exist, but this pretty pair of gloves now is available on ClothChapel along with this pretty free love-card in addition.

p.s. :

don’t be perfectionist.

wear love,