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sweet shopping and the reasons

After a researcher calculations the most depressive day of the year is the Monday of the last (whole) week of the January. At that time we’ve already caught up with the celebration, we didn’t get slim because it turns out that our New Year’s vows do not work, and we have a whole long year full of tasks … Uh!

I don’t have to lose weight (moreover!), but as all humans in this world, I also have some stalled things waiting to be solved.

I have my special methods for these times. Any time I met with matted things and I need extra energies for thinking, I start to clean the space around me, rearranging the objects, packing , washing, clean up, repair something. It easy, isn’t is?

January cleaning can have a good effect throughout the year. DOWNLOAD THE REMINDER

‘Wash out your laundry and your thoughts will be grateful for this.’

It is a good idea to pay attention to this eternal advice as well in January. And what else could a woman do with more enjoyment than re-arranging (loading) her wardrobe?

Thinking of the statistics of the researchers, I think we (the womens) don’t have to own special formulas to calculate the behavior of others.

My statistic in not relevant, but in January girls are searching for cardigans, blush colors and sexy elastic lingeries.

Why the womens search for these? (after my opinion πŸ™‚

Because Valentines day is around. (This pretty black lingerie, for example, was found by a sweet girl who was looking for a lingerie for her engagement photo-shoot.)

Cardigans are eternal basic for all the year.

the earth colors suggests the sense of security

Blush colors are for brigthen up the gloomy days.

a little sparkle always tosses the day

I don’t like to do too much chaos, but since I like to find the right place for things, sometimes there are a couple of boxes in a corner of the room (ok, in the middle πŸ™‚ for months.

Recently I am interested in win-win situation. I’m trying to find out how everyone can win in each deal. I’m practicing this on the sale of my clothes.

I started to sort them out and realized that I hardly have clothes which I like to wear with love.

My cabinet is full of dresses, which I kept because it might be good in the future. But now it’s time to accept the fact that I won’t have a bigger breast or hips, etc., etc. … and oversize fashion here or now even the S sized dresses are hangs on me…

I’m excited I could to give my dresses to someone, who is looking for small fashion treasures and is happy when she finally finds one.

Tidying is a serious brain work. I don’t know exactly why, … maybe because of the tidying up, … but finally I managed to finish my eclectic drawing. Here it is:

It’s for sale. You can DOWNLOAD HERE in no minutes.

TIP: printed on canvas, then stretched on blank frame, you can imediately hang it on the wall.
Sometimes a new image can toss the sun! πŸ™‚

What’s your January wardrobe story? Do you also have lot of unnecessary clothes? What do you do with them?

my wardrobe story will be continued …

wiht love,