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The 13th heart of Mr. Green H.

few months ago (in September, last year) I sadly observed that Mr. Green Hearty has going though something unusual, transforming day by day paler and paler.

I got scared.
While He is not so fragile soul, I could do something in a very wrong way with him. Definitely! Over-water, over-sunbathing, over-love.

I’ve never felt more right to say that ‘too much love will kill you’ …

Mr Green is my wax plant (hoya kerrii), the only plant who has ever flourished in this apartment, the only plant who was (is?) completely tuned on my vibes, giving me such delicate signs as like the same colored flowers blooming as my recent work (see the article Same color, same vibes) … like an emoticon ring.

suddenly little blush pink porcelain flower-buds appeared between leaves

I have to save Him somehow.

Since I’m not an expert, I tried to find some wiser botanists and read all their hints. Maybe there is some tricky intervention that can save my plant.

Finally I found a girl on Instagram: #rootedingreenlove (Caution! Amazing site full of love 🙂

… and by whom I landed to her favorited and recommended site: @pistilsnursery  (very inspirational and informative site, as much for beginner plantlovers, as for advanced ones :))

I took every possible ambulance methods I read, but Mr Green seemed to be still dying.The main and the first two leaves turned in yellow and after few days dropped down … 😦

Carefully raised the whole plant to see if there some reddish discoloration on its roots. But I didn’t see anything just roots.
I didn’t dare to water, while I was afraid He is thirsty. Such a contradicted feeling!

Then suddenly I could not bear His pain anymore, and I cut off His 13th leaf with the associated section, …
I haven’t read about this method anywhere, but I felt I had to do it.

I put it in a blue transparent glass, in a clean boiled and cooled water … and I was waiting for what was happening …

Once the little branch was swollen and after a few days a small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag.

I was amazingly happy!

small root appeared on the 13th leave-snag. 🙂

I’d got courage of this and I cutted off another leaf-stem from the top of Mr. Green branch. The 12th.

Mr Green wasn’t in good mood, so and I wrapped some of His remaining leaves with few cotton cosmetic pads and sprinkling them sometimes.

Valentine’s Day

Mr. Green didn’t loose more leaves, but apparently dying. I decided to cut the 11th leave, putting it in a glass, and left the rest 5 remaining leaves on His body-stalk.

p.s. I love you.

I don’t know what will happen with Mr.Green … but now I am happy with this saved 13th leaf.

‘helo, lovely’

here’s how it all affected me while I was drawing THIS:

Positive Vibrations brings Positive Changes

with love,