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As I wrote in my January post, I decided to sell all my pre-loved, wrong sized or never worn clothes.

In February girls are searching for pastel coloured swing spring-coats, and at the moment as they hunt one, they feel irresistible temptation to wear it immediately. So they get nasty cold …

girls wear springish coats as if it be already spring

… and because it takes time to recover from the cold, the girls have enough time to find the perfect pieces of their wardrobe’s capsules. (and a fashion-girl knows, this is one of the best ways to heal.)

If you feel the mood

Sometime some fine details can boots our healing. And this need is even more true in February. Now the blooming colors are extra-necessary for everyone!

So try one of the mood-therapy tricks with a cute object arranging it in a way you feel perfect.

Here is my offer to strenghten your stylist mood:

download the STYLIST MOOD sketch here

have fun! 😉