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short breaks

As the spring getting closer, girls are becoming more enlightened. And despite the fact that some things aren’t going in a way as they imagined, they suddenly feel enough powered to change the bad directions.


In March girls still have surround themselves with soft grey stuff, but in their dreams they have blind dates with lovely florals and fringes …

Grey fringed gloves are get to be discovered by fashiongirls.

girlpower – secret about mantras

now I reveal you one of my secret, maybe it will help you too.
I’ve found that I must to move some things forward. So I took my shoes to the shoemaker and unconsciously concentrating on energy of ‘move, go, fly’.

Order here

After some days I got an order to make a bracelet for a girl whose monogram was just G.O. !

That’s a funny game you can try anytime. Just use your imagination! (You know: the imagination is one of the most important components of success! Use it!)

blind dates

In my previous blogpost, I wrote about tidying the wardrobe, and the mission to find the right place for each of my preloved dresses.

My mission is still on way.

In March everything was a little bit sleepy … but I met a guy who collected bad nylon stocking for creative purposes. (They produce butterflies made using these stockings). So I collected all my old torn stockings and gave it all to him. And, yeah, that was also funny move and
my cabinet also became more breezy.

Have you any girl-power to share?

excited to hear about them,


p.s.: Stay always on sunny side.