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There are a lot of ways to kill a plant. I did this with overwatering and low light (or the sunbathing?) Still don’t know …
But after noticing that my plant (Hoya Kerri, also know as Sweetheart Plant or Valentine Hoya) is dying, I started an desperate rescue.
Although the rescue has been going on for several months, here’s a brief description about the way.

My Plant name is Mr.Green Hearty and He was always on my worktable giving me so smart advices. (you can find more details about His precious hints here)

  • July 2018 – here is the last time when the Mr. G. has brought a new leaf …
  • September 2018 – when the first signs of dying appeared …

These flower-buds couldn’t develop for some reason.
Maybe because He wanted to grow a new leaf at the same time and because these flowers would have been the second bloom of the plant, He have no enough fertile soil for blooming … I don’t really know.

the only thing I know was that after this point Mr.G. wasn’t in good shape …
despite the fact that I moved Him to the window because of the lack of light in the room and I brought Him often to the sun onto balcony. Now I guess it was also a big mistake …

the result of overwatering … (?)
  • 26th November, 2018 – the main leaf of Mr.G. was gone and I thought that His roots were in serious trouble.
  • After He started dropping the leaves, I decided to cut His 13th leaf along with the associated section … then the 12th leaf, and then the 10th leaf putting them is a clear water.

  • After some weeks the leaves gave a sign of life! I was so happy!Then I decided not to cut down the other leaves one by one, but I try put the whole remaining stem in a water.
  • If someones follows this recipe: that final CUT I did was at 14th February, 2019
  • Do you see those pretty roots appeared on the stem?

Now Mr. G.’ s ‘children’ looks pretty good and heathy. The 13th leaf has got the previous black pot of Him, but – maybe – a little bit smarter carer … and it have already a new leaf! πŸ™‚

take a look at my story-related drawing here

Whatever it is, this was my experience with hoya kerri, maybe it could give some hope to desperate plant-carers.

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Sweetheart Valentine Hoya’s care I found here.

happy to hear about your plant-story,

with love