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Due to the spring’s freshness reflected everywhere, girls dresses up in floral robes and the blind date with floral (and strangers) continues.
The girls are also planting some beautiful flower on their balcony,
and the preloved dresses are much more loved than ever…

French, Floral, Fashion


the girls in April learned that the name of ‘pansy’ is derived from French word ‘pensée’ and means ‘thought’. Thought of remembrance and the love of course!

according to pansy flower etymologie, ‘the name “love in idleness” was meant to imply the image of a lover who has little or no other employment than to think of his beloved’

inspired by spring flowers

here I am and my desings for ClothChapel inspired by smell of spring … Something for Your Wall and something for Your Hands … (april is still hot cold)

LOVE LETTERS / Floral print Wall Art
FOR ROMANTIC NIGHT DATE / Frilly floral lace gloves

+ Fashion-mention in case if your date is at daylight and you have no idea what to wear: 

These kind of pink sunglasses are still on trend and preloved dresses are much more loved than ever …

As I mentioned earlier – What to wear when in doubt –  this kind of sunglasses will be in trend for years. And they really are! 



the girls’ April calendars included long walks, skin care and dentist.