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It’s hard to say which are those things that a woman can’t get enough of, but there are some basics which can be loved by any fashiongirl: sketches, drawings, stylish illustrations which can really touch your soul.

Scroll down to see some of my favourites:

Preppy prints

Croopped, dropped, cut-outs, flared trousers, tops, skirts, shirtdresses, etc, gingham pattern is a timeless choise. It can fit in any wardrobe and can gently tosses any outfit’s style boundaries without risk.

For same printable fashion sketch click here.



The sunglasses don’t need any explanation. Especially the coloured ones. They deserved to be on focus.

Blush flowers

daintly floral prints are amongst of our basic essentials. At any time, in any colour, in any mood.

available in ClothChapel Your Wall section (or here in my Etsy shop)

Collars, chokers, frills


perfect when you have no idea how to lighten up your deadly dull t-shirt in no minutes.

This lovely list will be upgraded continually with more exciting stuff . Till then check this eclectic fashion sketch also pretty to styling your room walls.

Tip: before downloading any of my illustrations, check these well-designed cartoon frames downloadable for free here. You can also use them for your blog or website. 🙂

Happy to hears about your girlish things.

with love,