the blue way to embrace the last weeks of sunshine


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… as the days turn gray, we all feel that every weak sunlight is so precious to us. Our instincts dictate that we have to steal some blue and sand and calm and cozy things from the last days of sunshine, it is time to catch the ultima light and preserve them in something that will follow us in every darker day, until the sunshine appears again with all its delightful power to embrace us and say ‘Hi dear’ in the next spring.

Now I offer you a really cute game to survive the darker times.

You have to do nothing, just Read, Answer the 2 questions and Win. 

Some month ago I launched a blue game on ClothChapel Instagram site. It is very easy and still open.



  • Be ClothChapel follower on Instagram
  • find the picture of blue couple bracelets amongst the ClothChapel Instagram pic. posts


  • return here
  • read the ClothChapel articles

because one of them includes the key of your perfect answer


  • turn again on ClothChapel Instagram account and be the first who answer the 2 question in a one single comment (under the pic of blue couple bracelet)

You will get the ClothChapel couple bracelet made specially for you.


Playing alone or in couple, I really hope you will enjoy it.

let the blue be with you,


Cs’lla from ClothChapel



How often use your intuition / blogging advice


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How often do you listen to your feelings?
today I sat down to the computer because I wanted to sell some stuff from the wardrobe. I found a site that looks like a sympathetic one, but I didn’t even know how to sign up because it doesn’t allows me … Not at all!  As I searched for further sites with the right sales interface, a link leads me right here to WordPress ….

‘Hm’ … I wonder. ‘Maybe I forgot to quit last time when I used it? … (even I’m the soul who always logging out from the currently used sites.) That’s an interesting IDontknowCase.

in the corner of my site the well-known orange ring indicates me that I got a comment or notice.

This one:



So in this funny way I received the message that my ClothChapel blog-site now is three years old. I was quite surprised!

I’m not a typical blogger who writes on a regular basis, so I can’t help with any cool advise, but now I can tell you this little ‘story’ of how to write a blog without you want to write a blog.  Just try to to deal with something else and let your brain and hand driving you. Your feelings will leads you to the solution. Just try it.

I thank you for flying with me. I can’t give you anything more in return just than those vibes I’ve got from the Universe few moments ago:  listen to your intuitions and let them open new links for you, as like the trees which can’t seen where their roots are moving, but the trust creeps them into the good medium. The signs are always clear.

DSCN4366This lovely meditative picture was made by Zsófia P. Steiner with love.

P.S. / You know the rule. Don’t force that which doesn’t works. It’s not a coincidence. Wait for the right time.


being your own fashion model (?)


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Could you guess the number of the team-stuff which has worked on a photo?

I couldn’t.

As many of small businesses with low budget, not everyone can afford to pay day by day for expressive models, but there are some creative solutions which can help you to be up-to-date with your products and by which you can show your stories and activities to your audience.

Flatlays, still lifes, moody pictures

Not easy to catch the best light and taste. Not at all! But with patience and by time you can arrange your products in a very advanced form. The secret is to play often!


Mirrors are extremly useful in any perspective. Not just for selfies, but for presenting the other side of the products in same picture. Very funny method, but requires very sophisticated sense of style. (I’m still not good at this yet. I have to going to expand my knowledge —)

When you are your own model

It is well-known fact that folks are better buying off products which are presented by models. But what do you do if you can’t afford it yet?

Not a big deal until one of your hands is free. Here is again an example while I took a photo of my style and fringed bracelet using my left hand and a selfie-stick:

Patience and practice is the clue.  Just practice and upgrade you knowledge and skills day by day using different products as like scarves, hat, bracelet or any accessory which can be easily photographed by you while you wear them.



in mirror


But the product like tops and dresses are difficult to present without models.

Fortunately many of phones can be set to do photos commended by voice. This method is very funny, but it requires a lot of patience and energy.

Here is one of my self-photo made by my phone used voice-command:


The phone’s back-camera’s view aren’t so sharp … and many photos must to be done while you’ll be satisfied, but be patient and practice.

… and, yes, there is when you are so lucky as you attract cute creative souls, who will surprize you with breathtaking flat lays, like this below, made by Daiana Folea.

That is a good example for how to manage easily a cooperation, even if you don’t live in same countries. Thanks to the God and Net!

I couldn’t recommend enough her works for creative cooperation! Find Daiana’s works here:

Her works are very moody and inspirational, and she is a smart content creator as well.


Welcome to all the mistakes and share your tricks with those who are in a similar footstep.

with love,











do nothing (?)


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‘There are times when in order to keep ourselves in existence at all, we simply have to sit back for a while and do nothing’ – said by Thomas Merton and nicely call our attention again to this true by Arriana Huffinton, I found by reading all kind of things today …

‘Do nothing’ is one of the best things you can add to your to-do list. – she wrote in her capture.

So true.



but, I think, these thoughts only work if you yourself are turned on ‘do nothing’ mode.

anyway its true.

But  how can I do nothing?

i’ll try it today. somehow.

I already know what I will going to do in order to ‘do nothing’!

I always do something when I do nothing. Automatic things which doesn’t need many attention as like washing the dishes, cleaning a shelf … useful things that I can resolve in 5-10 minutes. (I have special theory about 5-small-thing-to-resolve-per-day actions!

Being always engaged in something, creating accurate stuffs step by step, millimeter by millimeter, for me the ‘stop and smell the roses’ mode is … not easy.

Trying to DO NOTHING, today I organized my shops virtual shelves. New items, new search, new photos, etc. Amusing things, but still is not the BIG NOTHING.

So I tried to doodle my thoughts. What color has the nothing? How can I describe?

Here is my answer. nothing is almost WHITE.

after several days …

even my intention was to give you some informative thought about how I find my ‘do nothing’, I found myself doodling and doodling. That’s my do nothing.

try it. anywhere. anytime. (you know how boring some meetings are !

But …

in the end maybe you’ll find yourself doing something beautiful.

Do n(o/a) thing.

These are some ‘do nothings’ of mine. Postcard, artprints , illustrations …

Some of them are for sale. 😉




more on my site here:

p.s.: write me how do you do your ‘do nothing’. It is so difficult for you too?



Spell your wishlist


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It is 24 March …
and believe or not, but I had no time to say ’Hi’ to you.
So sorry.
(That’s happen when you run an one-person-business … okay, sometimes one and half. .)
But the furtune in whole is that I can leave here this message for you now.
I hope you are ALL happy and full of new goals and amazing wishlist(s) settled or reloaded at the beginning of this year. I wish you to achieve them all!
I can’t apologize enough for this very late post, but I have a little gift for you on my site. Just pop over here and read the message on top:

Spell your Wishlist

Share it, post it, love it. ( I intend to expand this collection as often as I can. )


Also happy to announce that today I opened a new shelf named ’Your Wall’ for all those whom wish to express their passion for fashion.
Here it is my firts ’darling’ with ’I have permission for black’ title. Hehe.

I have permission for black_1—express-your-passion-for-fashion–

p.s.: Spell your wishlist loud!
I hope to hear from you.


Easiest way to get your daily motivation


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Approaching the end of the year we start to count the time … and everyone is counting differently.

For me Mr. Green Hearty is a kind of coach and a time-counter in same time. He marks every miles I’ve made.

Everything started in September 2016 when He suddenly start to grow a new heart-leaves … I thought, He is a kind of single-hearted cactus. He showed this face for almost three years. But then something happened with His vibes …

I was just busy with a small movie. Full of energy I received from a nice people I never met …

I used Mr. Green for this little movie. Here it is!  Mr. Green featured by Mr. Green. 🙂


I watered Him carefully, just like all of my flowers, putting new soil if needed …,  but I didn’t look at Him closely. Since that day then I ‘used’ Him in the movie showed above.

And then, when I turned His pot, I was surprised to see an itty-bitty  new ‘heart’. Oh, I thought, how tricky You are!  It was so cute feeling and I was so happy.

In response to my enthusiasm, He showed me a new and newer leaves …


From the first heart-leaves until when He was so much aligned with my energies so brought the same blush pink color of flowers (the only bouquet we ever had flourished here! ) like the halter-top I was working on, I’ve already written in one of my previous post


20170629_140828 (2)


Now Mr. Green H. has exactly 11 leaves! All His summer flowers has gone … except this itty-bitty dead one ‘drop’ here next to that little arrow for which He insisted for some reason … 😦



… until this (cyber) Monday, when He finally let it gone …

As if He had just said:

‘Let what goes gone.

Listen to signs and leave space for something new!’

20171128_125515 (2)




So I start to doodle this. 🙂





Chapelers. The blue fashion


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Here I just want to give my readers a ‘splash’ about what I am doing.

Everybody talking about a fast-fashion, slowfashion, ecofashion, blue-fashion! Hey, there are just ONE fashion: a good one with clear steps!

I can’t imagine – because it is still unnatural habit – as someone who fell in love with a dress, hang it back just because it was made no ethically. (+ the low prices of some plastic-fashion industry also strengthen its position … !!! )

A good fashion is comfy,  wearable, long-lasting, a basic,  made as ethically way as it is possible. Yeah, the world would be a paradise if everybody could wear  blue-fashion with the least polluted fashion-methods … But – no matter how reckless we are – I wish the world the best, so I try to do my best: I use my own hands to design and creat my clear-fashion and with the deep intention of winning the love of the lot of people.

Here are some how-to-wear from my newest Chapelers:





Minimal-style bracelet for comfy everyday




p.s.: as you can see, I don’t judge anybody for wearing fast-fashion brands stuffs. I’m with the ‘do your best’ attitude. Find your style it ‘s okay, but/then add a little ethically-made detail as if possible.

Let your soul comes in fashion.

with love,


My horrible crochet hook


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Not the right time to introduce my antique-gold dude, Tulip, but it’s the perfect moment for commemorate all of our abilities and energies which we inherited from our ancestors. … Take a few silent minutes to figure it out them … tastes, hints, perseptions, stories.

About Tulip.

20171101_112037 (2)



I don’t know who sent the idea of T. to me, but whoever the sender was, it was good to send It. I love T. so much. Maybe because It’s so precise (it’s a  kind of Japanese attitude, I think .)), energetic and sophisticated…. and we spent many hours learning from each other…

In the begining I don’t really found the right rythm with T. and I had got many blooded lessons. My fingers were full of holes and wounds… But I’ve forgotten this for long, of course, and now we’re inseparable for almost 4 years.

(Believe me, not all of golden souls are so kind! Once one of them hooked right into the middle of my left palm … It was horrible! …, but very funny in same time while I walked in the hospital’s hallway with a hanging hooker in my hand … :#)

But T. never hurt me. Tulip is wonderful.

I  just thinking about counting all the anchored miles that T. did, but that’s seems to be endless. Anyway, I have all the ‘consumed’ spool of threads and once I ‘ll going to count it all.

But let me introduce Tulip, while relaxing between some of Its works. (There are just aprox. 0,001 % of products made by T.)

I know Tulip (like Its name) is a kind of ooold soul, but I don’t want to avoid It just because the world isn’t understand clear the nice messages of It.


/ The p.s. story /

Once I had a terrible dream.

A well-know person (not alive) entered in our room, looked around, but said nothing. Suddenly she turned to my dear T., picked It up from table and bended It’s hooked-head with her bare hands!!!

Uhhh …

I shouted at her with my whole energy like a lion: ‘Get out heeere!’ , but she turned to me very calmly…


This necklace-collier is available at

I still hear her thoughts clearly …: ‘Underlay that robe with black, please!’ and she pointed to the wedding dress in a room’s corner, I worked with at that time…

‘With black? ‘ – I thinked in myself with anger ‘What a hell you think about yourself !?’
‘Yes. With black. I will return for it. ‘ (how she heard me?)
‘You?! You’re too old for a marriage’, I noticed just to myself contemptuously.
‘So what? ‘ she ‘said’ and walked away …

I woke up with tears on my pillow and jumped right to that little table where I left T. in previous day. T. was in safe, but we sold the table … and I hide that bridal dress deep inside a drawer. hehe:)

I’m not a fun of horrible stories, but let me know if you have one … or more. Share them all or just write it down to yourself. The dreams are useful.


My boyfriend’s bracelet knows a lot


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This post is not about spying or something related. :—-) It’s about the trust, fashion and quality.



Even it could be interesting if we (girls) would have some stuff which would helps us to reveal information about our boyfriends, but – believe me – what needed to be revealed will be revealed soon or later.

Trust is necessary not just in field of love, but also of luxury and quality.

When I invented my first bracelet I gave it for my boyfriend. With love and for testing of love and trust.

It was a very simply stripy blue bracelet I made by very thin yarn. Destinated for everydays wear. Here is the first picture about it:


Zé bracelet

stripy stripy ZÉ bracelet’s 🙂


… and H e worn it days and nights, summer and winter, cold and hot, into the salt water of seven seas, dipping it in all sort of mud … You know how the b o y s are!  .-)) –

It was there at Haiti’s ruins, deep in Cambodian jungles, scattered in sand of Africa, looking for Luxor’s hidden treasuries in Valley of Kings … so it knows a lot about my boyfriend and about world …


Turning know more than 3 years the bracelet still looks great and H e still wear it with love …

That is the T R U S T.

with LOVe,


p.s.: Now He’s got an other bracelet. So comfy that he want to wear it day and night.:)))


This is a very unique one. I don’t want to make any similar bracelet anymore, but the Zé bracelets are very popular and are available also for costumers. Each of them has some tiny tricks that makes it different from the others!

Available here:

Crochetedbride (ClothChapel shop)

or here:


Aw, I forget it! If you follow my Instagram account you can win  a couple bracelet. Details here:


Few things you can easily change in your daily routine being not a morning person


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I read in many forums about ‘tricks of how to be a morning person’, but I think this is completely impossible. We can’t replace our nature and genes (yet)!

Everyone has a specific activity curve that we can hardly change it. If you are ‘night owl’ person like me, you know exactly how our mornings are …

Based on the observation of the chrono-biologist Till Roenneberg, ‘night owls’ forced to arise earlier then their rhythm dictates, they have a low body temperature and may require a few hours to feel really awake…

Living between morning persons (‘larks’) you can do some small changes to “accelerate” your natural biology-rhythm getting in same line with the ‘early birds’. But don’t forget: if you force it to be completely  “lark”, your body will revenge it in many nasty ways !!!

Here are my trifles that  – I think – every ‘owl person’ can do easily without any extra energy.


  • In the evenings / Before mornings

prepare all the clothes and stuffs  you need in the mornings when you are forced to the get up early.


  • In the evenings / Before mornings

prepare a fresh washed lemon in fridge, a clean glass and pure water. (This thoroughness seems to be ridiculous, but all ‘owl’ person knows it how important are this small details.)


  • Awaked but still in bed / Stretch up

is natural and prepares the body for biggest movement. The experts say that after awakening wait at least 10 minutes with stretch up to avoid any damage of the disc.


  • Drink

slowly a fresh water with twisted lemon juice to awake and say good morning to your body. (Leave the coffee more later!)


  • Dress up

in your prepared clothes you allow your mind an extra calm for thinking of beautiful things like your make up, your dapper tie or the color of your scarf smoothing on you neck.


  • To do list

prepared in evenings will brighten up your mornings. Stay motivated! The creatively prepared things bring over the evening’s energy also in your mornings. Start with the hardest but with smile in your soul! 🙂

  • P.S.
Every small change need time to be natural part of your whole daily/morning routine. 21 day at least!

I hope these few step-trick helps you on your wake ups. Let me know what are your ‘get up’ tricks.

Good mornings!